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The Vanishing Storm's Studies

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The Vanishing Storm's Studies

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Falx's Relic/Shinkira: My Relic takes the form of a Katana, which I keep on my left hip at all times. The Relic has taken the shape of my Shinkira (See PA) since I regained it, even if I remove the Shinkira from it, allowing me to have essentially two copies of the blade, allowing dual wielding if wanted. The Relic itself also has item and weapon storage like all other Shrew's Relics, allowing it to hold all my other weapons and also while holding them, take on any of their abilities and attributes.


My first study. Able to manipulate the weather, and the elements of water, wind, ice, and lightning.

Basic Wind Manipulation: Can create small to large gusts of wind at will. Can also use to levitate objects.
Expanded Wind Moves
Wind Cutter: Forms a slicing blast of wind off of my moving palm, which can slice through even tree trunks, and some metals.

Wind Drill: Makes wind rotate around my arm, so that a spinning point is created at the end of my hand that I can use to drill through things, and opponents.

Wind Edge: makes wind chakra from around any weapon that I hold, making the sharpness of that weapon increase 10x so that it can cut through harder materials with ease.

Wind Bullet: Shoots concentrated blast of wind/air out of mouth at opponent/object that will cut its way though and blast away the opponent/object.

Wind Dome: By pouring out air from all the points in my body and then spinning it, I'm able to create a swirling dome of wind around me, that would push away most objects, and people. Can be used to blast away surroundings, but creating a concentrated dome and then releasing it outward like a radial blast.
Tornadoes: Can create small dust-devils, to huge full-blown tornadoes, like the f-5's, a mile wide.

Basic Water Manip.: Can basically control water, making it flow in different directions, gather at one place. Can use to make rain fall too.
Expanded Water Moves
Water Geyser Formation: water explodes upward from my enemies feet.

Giant Water Quills: forms and throws giant water needles at opponent.

Giant Water Vortex: Launches a large sideways whirlpool of water at opponent.

Water Dragon Formation: Forms a dragon shape out of water, and launches it at opponent.

Water Prison: Attempts to surround an opponent in water, and trap them, possibly water-logging or drowning them.

Water Funnels: Creates various sizes of funnels of water, which rotate rapidly. Can be used for offensive or defensive.

Water Wall: wall of water shoots strait up 30 feet

Water Arena Formation: circular wall of water surrounding area of water

Multiple Water Geyser Formation: I can call multiple water geysers out of the ground.

Water Bullet: Shoots from mouth or water source a large concentrated ball of water.

Exploding Water Shock Wave: Expel a large amount of water from water source to create huge waves on which I ride upon, and take out opponents with the waves/mass of water.

Water Falcon Missiles: Causes multiple spires to shoot out of a water source, take the form of falcons, and shoot towards a opponent at high speeds
Lightning/Electricity Manip.: Can control electric currents, calling down large bolts of lightning, or making electricity flow out of or through something.

Ice Manip.: Can freeze things, lowering the temperature, flash freeze water. Can make it hail, hail stones can range from very small, to very large, like basketball size or bigger.
Expanded Ice Moves

Ice Dragon: Ice shaped into a dragon, which can bend and flex easily. Can be shot at targets, trying to crash into them, and send them flying, or to crush.

Ice Spinning Blade: Forms circular blade out of ice, which can be shot at the opponent automatically.

Smashing Ice Prison: Freezes large sphere of ice, usually from water prison. If anything/anyone caught inside, they will also be frozen. Once formed, can be used as a large smashing projectile.

Ice Geyser Column: Once water geyser is formed, it is frozen, and then can be used as a movable column of ice, which has many very sharp points on the end. Can be made very flexible.

Ice Needles: Forms needles of ice, which are shot to impale targets at high speeds, because of being very aerodynamic.
Fog: Can create fog, controlling how thick it is. I can create fog so thick that it can block out light sources all together.

Cloud/Storm Manip.: Can control cloud cover, and paths of storms.

Temperature Manipulation: I can manipulate the temperature at will, one minute it will be nice, next it could be -10. I'm better at lowering the temp than raising it.

Storm Nimbus Creation/Manipulation: I can create Nimbus. A Nimbus has a few differences from a normal cloud. A Nimbus is completely solid, yet being created of water and lightning that is fused together in a cloud form/shape, and made quite powerful from my PA. A nimbus is also very wispy cloud, grayish in color, although still slightly puffy. They are also brimming with lightning, so they I can easily use them to create other lightning attacks, and composed of water, so I can unleash water attacks through them too. They are very tough, some weapons and attacks won't damage them much, and they are resistant to heat, water, wind, and earth elements.

Nimbus Form: Advanced form, stronger than sky form, that transforms me into a nimbus like beast. Must have storm mode activated first. It gives me many times my original strength and defense, though I'm the same speed. Most attacks just get absorbed, or deflected.
Nimbus Beast: Basically the same as above, except I'm not in them. They are beasts much like clones, which are quite strong and fast. They are about the same size as my Nimbus form, or a little smaller. (same pics as above)

Akakumo (Bloody Nimbus): Storm Nimbus tech combined with Akairaikou. This combination creates Nimbus which is 10x stronger than before, making the Nimbus very resistant, and even harder to destroy or break through. Since it is also flowing with Akairaikou at the same time, it makes it super conductive, anything touching it would have Akairaikou suddenly conducted through it, and also almost totally resistant to all types of electrical current, since Akairaikou is able to overpower almost any other type of Raikou or lightning.
My second study. Able to manipulate body, cells, plants, living things, etc.
Regeneration/Healing: I can heal almost any wound of any person. Small cuts bruises and such are pretty much immediate. Larger wounds, broken bones, etc take a lot longer. The healing comes when a Green bubbly energy is shot out of my hand on to the area needing treatment.

Body/Cell Manipulation: I can alter, grow, regenerate, and expand my own cells of any kind, as I see fit. This can be used to create trillions of more nerves, boosting my stats, making my bones harder, and using them as weapons, or making my arm the size of the rest of my body, as its muscles, skin, and bones increase, giving it super strength.

Plant Manipulation: I can create, and manipulate any kind of plant life, and make it grow out almost any wheres.

Disease/Pathogen/Bacteria manipulation: I can manipulate said things so as to make people sick if I can get these into their bodies. Pathogens include protozoan too....

Photosynthesis and Respiration: After going back to the Library, I learned how to use Photosynthesis in my own body, allowing me to take in light sources and sunlight and transform it into energy for myself. Respiration also allows me to continually regenerate my own energy as long as I've had at least some light or sunlight taken in. In this way, my energy regenerates much faster than normal.
My third study. This allows me access to control over time and speed.

Speed Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate speed of objects around me, either slowing or speeding them up. Objects which are under my control are easier to manipulate the speed of, while speed of an object under other peoples control are harder to manipulate. Manipulating another person's speed is possible at my current rank, but I cannot cause them to come to a complete stop. Manipulating my own speed is quite easy at this point, and allows me to move even faster than my normal high speed thanks to my nerve/electrical abilities.

Time Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate time in my surrounding area. Time manipulation is different from speed because it usually is an area of effect or imbued with a visible physical manifestation (like an area of falling feathers or purple dots, etc.) Anyone or anything entering or touching such a field becomes affected by the time warping effects. This does not mean that I cannot directly affect an object/person's time, however, it is a bit more challenging to do so and maintain. As always, time cannot be stopped or traveled through (like time travel).

Example abilities that I can use:

Chrono Beams: Thin beams of Chrono that slow down things around the beam, and freeze for a second, whatever the beam lands on, which would be the intended target.

Chrono Field: Creates a small area around me which is covered in small dots of violet light. Whatever or whomever steps into the field starts to slow down considerably, and the closer they are to me, the slower they get.

Object Speed Manipulation: Allows me to speed up or slow down the motion of a moving object, such as a thrown weapon, or in other cases, as thin beam of darker purple energy is shot out which hits it and makes it fall faster or slower.

Self Speed manipulation: Allows me to speed myself up to greater speeds. I can move with this alone as fast as I can with just my Raikogan/Nerve Multiplication/Manipulation activated. Combining the both allows for extreme speeds, which would be hard to track with even an aided eye. Combination with this with the Sky Form also yields me to extreme speeds, giving a more 'teleportation' look to my sudden vanishing and disappearing.

Object Age Manipulation: This needs touch to be activated, touching with an object also counts, hand-held sword, weapon, etc. This allows me to reverse or speed up the object's or thing's (could be animal or possibly person too) age or newness, and also what comes with those. If it is sped up, it will make the object/thing older, and more broken down, like used, or left out in nature where it would be broken down. If I reverse it, it will make it turn to like new again, or strengthen it. I could also use this as a type of healing, touching the wound, and making that part go back to the way it was before the wounding took place. (Also explained by entropy reversal or speeding up of. Can reverse or speed up things in theory, as in what would happen if they were left out, or what would actually happen, such as the wound thing, or if an opponent healed themselves, I could touch them, and reopen the wound).

Sandman Sleep: Creates a field/aura of purple floating feathers that spread out. Anything caught in this area/field/aura will start to fall asleep depending on their level of tiredness/exhaustion and how much control they have over their own body. This enacts as a speed up of their brain waves, tricking their brain and body into believing it has been going through hours of whatever their down in only a few moments or minutes. If this was used during or towards the end of a fight, instant sleep could be forced upon the person, depending on how much energy they used, and how hard they worked. This is not an illusion, as the body actually feels as though hours have gone by, when only a minute or seconds.

Chrono Force Immunity/Resistance: Creates an aura around my body that disconnects me from the time-stream. When using this aura, I am quite resistant to time/chrono based attacks, as I'm hardly affected by time. I will also be partially resistant to forces and attacks that manipulate things which do damage over time. Forces like gravity and friction, which are forces, and also things like entropy or poison cannot do damage over time because I'm no longer linked to time either. I will not feel tired from labor or fighting. However, this takes a larger drain on energy so that using it a lot over a fight could cause me to run out of energy quicker.

My 4th Study, which allows control over different forces of nature.

Electricity Manipulation: Can use to more easily control and generate electricity, thus allowing me to use less energy, and for the attacks and defenses to be more powerful when I use them.

Metal/Magnetism/Electromagnetism Manipulation: Can be used to efficiently bend and control all types of metal. This allows me to also create and generate and regulate magnetic fields, which have lots of other abilities in and of themselves.

Electromagnetic Bursts: These are bursts of Electromagnetic energy in one or all directions. If one was to hit an electrical, metal, or technology attack/object/person, it would generate what would look like an EMP, as it knocks them all out, however, it also pulverizes them too, destroying most metal and technology almost to rubble, and renders them almost totally ineffective.

Fire Manipulation: Allows me to generate and control fire and heat.

Ice Manipulation: Allows me to generate/form and control ice and frost. Also allows for me to drop the temperatures quite a bit.

Enthalpy Manipulation: Uses Fire And Ice Elements:: Allows me to move and redirect heat from one place to another. Thus I could suck a lot of the heat from one area to another, so where the heat was, the temperature is quite cold. (With this, I am much more able to raise temperature than before, see Meteorology: Temp. Manipulation)

Thermodynamic Flux: Also uses Fire and Ice Elements:: Much like the Enthalpy Mani. from above, this allows me to cause chaotic fluctuations in an area with Temperature, this making everything freeze and then fry every few moments. Thus, most objects would simply be destroyed/shattered from the experience, as they would freeze, and then suddenly shatter from the suddenly increased temp, and the sudden expanding.

Second Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy): The second law allows me to speed up or slow down Entropy, or the random disorder of things in particular objects or areas. In these objects/areas, things would begin to either break down much faster, or slow down on their random disorder, thus keeping them stronger for longer. Note: Cannot be used to simply destroy things within seconds, more used to weaken objects/people around me.

My 5th Study, Power of the Mind.

Conscious Perimeter: This is the ability to expand ones consciousness or mind over a larger distance than their own personal space. This happens upon a plane called the Dream World, which a plane made up of everyone's mind linked together. Every person who has this ability is on a certain frequency depending on their power. There are hundreds of different frequencies, and thus the chance of two Shrews being on the same frequency is highly unlikely. However, if you are high ranked enough (Harbinger or higher at least) a Shrew can actually control which frequency they are on, and at the highest levels, even cover multiple frequencies. When two Shrews are on the same frequency, and their Conscious perimeter's cross each other, a battle of wills happens, and whoever's mental drive is weaker will lose, and they will suffer severe damage until they lower their Conscious Perimeter, otherwise they will risk being knocked out or suffering permanent damage. The Conscious Perimeter is otherwise used for tracking and the like, as they can usually read the minds of all those who are within the perimeter easily, and can also see anything that happens otherwise within the perimeter, allowing them a wider view of 'vision' so to speak. At this time, my Conscious Perimeter can extend up to a mile in all directions of me.

Telepathy: Allows me to enter and manipulate minds. With this, I tend to affect peoples mind most by making them fall asleep. Rarely do I use this for Intel gathering, although its not beneath me either, especially in a sticky situation. I also have focused my use of Telepathy to include mental defensive techniques, which I use Telepathy the second most for. I have basically no offensive ability with Telepathy, save sleep induction, and all the defensive ability to keep other Telepaths out of my mind.


Hydroduction: Meteorology + Redemption's Ability: Allows me to control waters pressure and density, allowing me to make it super concentrated to the point that it almost ceases to be liquid, and yet isn't ice. Being as compressed and pressurized as I can get it, I can use it to blast through a large variety of materials, even stronger metals. On the opposite end of things, I can reverse water density and pressure by emitting pulses, which disrupt water pressure, and cause it to lose shape and energy.


Instantaneous Regeneration: Biology + Chronology: Makes purple and green bubbly energy which can heal and restore in an instant almost any injury it is applied too. Can even bring someone on the brink of death to almost full health.

Frost Flash: Chronology + Physics: Causes blast of ice element to hit the ground, which will then spread at very fast rates across every surface that it can reach, encasing anything in reach in ice within a large radius around me.

Somnium Tactum: Teliology + Biology: "Sleep Touch" allows me to brush someones mind and cause sleep by activating mental and biological mechanisms which naturally induce sleep. It becomes 2x more effective if I can physically touch someone or if eye contact is made. This is a weaker form of Somnium Dormio, but against the lowest ranked targets, gets the job done just fine (7th-6th ranks).


Somnium Dormio: Biology + Chronology + Physics: Through various forms, this Altus allows me to cast calming and sleep effects upon whatever the forms touch, or resonate through. The calming/sleep that is placed does not only effect living life forms, but also matter and energy itself. Sleep comes to those who are able to sleep indeed, however, the calming effects effect everything, making them lose a large amount of movement, or becoming totally immobile altogether. This can effect even energy, which when touched, will cease to move, and thus will be dispelled, usually. The various aspects combined from the Studys are as follows (Vague, may be different in various forms):
Biology: Effects living organisms by creating fatigue in each and every cell, as well as triggering sleep inducing enzymes and glands, which make natural deep sleep fall upon touched.
Chronology: Makes person touched feel as though hours slip by, when it as only been minutes, or possibly even seconds. This creates a natural continual tiring effect, which boosts sleep. For objects and energies, it slows down their atomic motion, making them lose energy, and force, making them weaker.
Physics: Entropy plays in by continually weakening the objects/people, and also by wearing down stamina, making them tired and such, which also helps induce sleep. Kinetic energy is then transformed into potential energy, making energies and objects' atomic structure slow rapidly, inducing sleep/calming/immobilization effects.
All this combined creates a very fast acting Calming effect, and also sleep effect. As it is combined, the powers cannot be blocked out separately, and mush be dealt with as a whole. People touched by this power will find themselves fighting to stay awake. It effects not only mental level, but a physical level, where physical exhaustion is usually induced, and thus, cannot be just blocked on a mental level, and also vise-virsa.
Other Somnium Dormio uses:

-Somnium Dormio Field/SDF: This is a field created outwards from myself that continually gets stronger as it gets closer to me. The field itself can be stretched for a mile long maximum at this rank. The field itself combines all the things listed above, as it spreads out. The only thing visible about the field is tiny grains of what look like purple sand, falling down slowly. However, very hard to see. The closer one gets to me, the easier sleep and calming effects are induced. Within a 10-15 ft radius around me, sleep and calming effects are almost instantaneous, and very hard to deal with. 5 ft and closer, the effects are instantaneous, and will put even the maddest beast to sleep in an instant/calm the hottest of flames in an instant to small hardly burning embers. As you keep getting further and further away from 15 ft, the effects take less and less of effect, although they still are there, until you hit the mile mark.

-Somnium Dormio Energy/SDE: The SD is manifested into physical formed, tangible energy form, of sorts. The energy itself is like a liquid and gas, as it can spread and form around objects and people easily, and it can leak through the smallest of crevices. This SDE however, also has all of the sleep and calming effects concentrated and suppressed into a tight form, so that whatever it touches will be be put into sleep/calmed the instant that it is touched. I can formed it into almost any shape and size, and can solidify it so that it makes for pretty sturdy weapons, etc.

-Somnium Dormio Plante/SDP: This creates plants, much like any other plants, trees, etc, which give off the sleep and calming effects around them, and to whatever touches them especially. Any kind of plant can be produced with this. Anything that touches the plants will be almost immediately calmed/put to sleep, and things around it in about 5-10 ft will see medium to dramatic effects depending on size and such of plants. The plants can also give off seeds and spores which do the same thing to people, calming and sleep. Some of the plants, like trees, can grow SD fruit as well, which if ingested, will cause instant calming/sleep.

-Somnium Dormio Spores/SDS: Creates seed/spore like objects, totally invisible to the naked eye, which float through the area. They carry calming and sleep inducing auras with them, which are also invisible to the naked eye. If connected or surrounding target, will induce some effects of Sleep/Calming effects. If ingested into person's system, it will induce sleep/calming effects instantly. If taken in by energy source, the energy source will immediately be calmed.
Somnium Shinkeikata/Altus Combination: Nerve Fist of Sleep:
Combines the nerve fist style of the Kento Clan with the forces of my Altus Somnium Dormio. With it, not only will the hits cause paralysis, but they will also inhibit movement/speed and will cause biological targets to fall asleep. (This is part of the Altus above, and not its own Altus)

Flash Freeze Nova: Chronology + Physics + Meteorology: Sends out a 360 degree blast of ultra freezing power that freezes whatever it touches within milliseconds. The blast can reach up to 50ft in all directions, and can even freeze gases present within its radius. Also can be combined with lightning from Physics/Meteorology or Eton's power to cause freezing power to travel along an electric current.


Somnium Mortis: Teliology + Chonology + Physics + Biology: The "Perfected" form of Somnium Dormio, it adds into the mix the telepathic ability of teliology, allowing the sleep and lethargy inducing power to become 4x more effective and twice as hard to maintain. The pacification of Somnium Mortis is literally "Sleep of Death" and allows me to put people into death like states of sleep almost instantaneously. Those with mental, biological, and time abilities might be able to resist the power enough to stay away, however, it will be also very taxing for them to do so. Those caught off guard will usually be put directly to sleep, especially those 2 or more ranks below me. 4th ranks have the ability to resist with the correct abilities and techniques, while my rank and above will have a much easier time finding ways around it. Somnium Mortis influence can be extended as far as my Conscious Perimeter can extend, although the further away from me it is, the much less effective it becomes.

Somnium Dormio Storm: Teliology + Chronology + Biology + Meteorology: Creates a large storm around myself, with myself as the eye. The Storm itself is mixed with Somnium Dormio, causing anything to be touched to be susceptible to its calming/sleep/lethargy effects. The only place of calm and serenity is at the eye where I am, and if someone reaches that, they are sure to be put into a deep sleep.
Kama "Falx" Kento
~The Vanishing Storm~




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