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Kezia's Studys

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Kezia's Studys

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Aequohex: A relic is a Shrew's soul bound weapon which they can use to store other weapons/artifacts and objects and can also usually use them as a weapon, although sometimes not. Relics are also cannot be harmed unless their owner is killed. My relic manifests itself as a purplish staff with the top end baring a pair of wings and a large purple eye. The staff itself has a mental force of its own, and can even move on its own, but is under my power. It can fly, although it cannot lift myself, and move around on its own, if need be. I can also use it to see from a different perspective than my own eyes through its eye. At its other end are two very sharp spikes, which can be used to impale. ((See pic below better description))




Telepathy: I use this to both attack peoples minds and defend my own mind against attacks as well as communicate with other people through out minds.

--->Combined Mental Power: By combining the telepathy here with my own natural Shingan ("Mind's Eye") powers, I can use mental power that are a little higher than those of my Shrew peers that would have the same rank/power.

Conscious Perimeter: This is the ability to expand ones consciousness or mind over a larger distance than their own personal space. This happens upon a plane called the Dream World, which a plane made up of everyone's mind linked together. Every person who has this ability is on a certain frequency depending on their power. There are hundreds of different frequencies, and thus the chance of two Shrews being on the same frequency is highly unlikely. However, if you are high ranked enough (Harbinger or higher at least) a Shrew can actually control which frenquency they are on, and at the highest levels, even cover multipule frequencies. When two Shrews are on the same frequency, and their Conscious perimeter's cross eachother, a battle of wills happens, and whoever's mental drive is weaker will lose, and they will suffer severe damage until they lower their Conscious Perimeter, otherwise they will risk being knocked out or suffering permenant damage. The Conscious Perimeter is otherwise used for tracking and the like, as they can usually read the minds of all those who are within the perimeter easily, and can also see anything that happens otherwise within the perimeter, allowing them a wider view of 'vision' so to speak. Note: At this rank, the perimeter can extend up to a 50 yards in any direction.


Elementum: Elemental Navitas/Nature Navitas which has the ability to take on the attributes of any element upon coming into contact with that element, an continues to maintain those attributes until conscious decision to abandon them, or until the energy itself is depleted/destroyed/consumed/etc.

--->Elementum Butterflies: Combining Elementum with Reality Warping, I can create butterflies made of the energy that can absorb/reflect elemental attacks. If an elemental attack is used on them, they will take on that element's attributes and become resistant to that particular element, and attack the user with it.

Earth Element: Allows me to manipulate the earth under my feet, shaping and moving it as I see fit. I can also manipulate other earthen substances, ie: sand, mud, crystals, etc., but not to the extent that I can manipulate normal earth.

--->Earthen Butterflies: By combining my Reality warping with earth element, I am able to create stone/earth butterflies. These fly slower than normal butterflies, but are much more resistant and they pack a higher physical punch than normal ones do.


Makina: This is the main energy type behind Mechanology. This mutation of Navitas was used by the Shrewish people long ago to power and control machinery, it has a high power output and is one of the most reactive known form of energy. This makes it ideal for powering machines and weapons. It also has the power to create temporary artifacts (which are simple weapons that have special abilities) called Acktun.

Acktun: These, as explained briefly above, are temporary artifacts that Shrews can create by running Makina through materials, and reconstructing them into a machine, or in the case of 3rd ranks and up, can simply be created out of pure Makina.

--->Mecha Butterflies: (Can be mixed with Reality Bending as well, see PA): Creates Acktun butterfly, acting like small drones. Can fly and are equipped with lasers able to cut medium grade metals, self-destruct mechanisms, and reconnaissance technology, including infrared scanning and stealth detection.

--->EMP Shuriken: Mechanized shuriken (throwing stars) which upon contact with target/destruction, will unleash am EMP, capable of knocking out energy sources and other technological entities.

--->Bracelet Shields: Creates a bracelet (or anklet) which when worn and activated, will emit Makina based energy shields approximately 1 ft from my body, which can absorb both physical and energy based damage. Has the ability to recharge after hits, but can be overwhelmed by successive hits. Note: 1 bracelet (or anklet) will only cover the quarter area that it is in; ie one on my right wrist will only protect the upper right side of my body, from head to waist.

--->Mecha-Golem: Creates a humanoid, human sized mecha golem. This golem is equipped with energy cannons (inside chest, and from each appendage) as well as gravity and magnetic influencing technology. Can unleash gravitational/magnetic fields from self to affect environment/opponents.

Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction: This is what makes this study both a science and a philosophy. Destruction and Reconstruction allows a Shrew to virtually know how to Construct, Disassemble and Reconstruct mechanical objects either by touching them ((4th ranks and below)) or just by looking at them ((3rd ranks and above)). This can be used to create new weapons, mecha or armour on the go or to destroy others mecha and rebuild it for the Shrews use. Of coarse this depends on rank and does not work if the machine or weapons is biological such as, Cyberkinetic's or different opponents weapons, for example as they are not mechanical even though they appear to be.


Psionic Technology: Teliology + Mechanology: (Passive) Allows construction of technology that can interact on a mental/psychic level. Gives all Acktun listed above the ability to launch mental attacks, build mental defenses, and assist with the assaulting/reading of minds.

Adaptive Technology: Gaianology + Mechanology: Allows me to create a special "Elementum" based technology. This technology has the ability to adapt to environmental changes including fire/heat, cold, hardness of metals, poisons, increased/decreased energy levels, etc. The technology combines the reactivity of Makina within the Acktun to the adaptive nature of Elementum, allowing the technology to acquire resistances on the battlefield. At this rank, I can add this passively to any Acktun listed above, as well as create Acktun body armor, which will protect me from moderate physical and energy based attacks and will build resistances to elemental and environmental changes, helping to protect me from them.

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