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Hezekiah's Studys

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4th Rank
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Hezekiah's Studys

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Sound Manipulation: (Includes Sonokinesis, Audiokinesis, Echokinesis, etc) Allows me to freely manipulate sound waves and sonic force. With this, I can unleash blasts of sonic force, interpret vibrations and sound waves, as well as weaken sound or disable it. With sound, can cause people to hallucinate, become paralyzed, or even to become weak or sick. (See specific ex. below). Note: I am not completely immune to my own sonic powers, so I have to be careful not to blast my own eardrums out.

--->Sonic Blast: My sonic use. I yell out and use Navitas to increase the power of the yell and force it to blast straight outwards from myself. It does medium physical damage and can cause symptoms of hallucination, paralysis, etc (see above).

--->Echo Control: Any of my sonic attacks can bounce off any solid or liquid surfaces and continue onward without being absorbed by that surface. Takes a bit more energy, but not if I control the surface that it bounces off of.

--->Silence: I can absorb all of the sound waves in an area or that I would create in order to make me virtually and completely silent. This takes a bit more focus, thus I can't maintain it very long at this rank, around 2-5 mins max.

Enthalpy: (Ice and Fire Elements) Allows me to manipulate temperature and manipulate Ice and Fire elements. Note: At this rank, temperature range only extends from -5 C to 105 C. Ice and Fire elements are also small to medium range in strength, not anything impressive.


Telekinesis: Allows me to manipulate matter/objects with my mind. There are two types: Mental & Physical. Mental allows you to just manipulate matter. Physical actually appears as a telekinetic aura which you can use to defend or attack and manipulate things. I use Physical Telekinesis more. Note: At this rank, can't lift above 1 ton (2000 lbs) of material at once. I can move it across a surface if its sitting there, but cannot actually lift and move it around if its above that.

--->Green Telekinesis: By focusing the power of the Peridot (see PA list), the Physical Telekinesis turns a bright green and gains the Sacred Power of the Peridot.
1)Can be used to block emotion control of others and to stabilize my own emotions.
2)Sacred: Telekinetic Aura cannot be tampered with by outside forces. Cannot receive "status effects" ie: catch on fire, frozen, poisoned, etc. or be manipulated by other forces (magic, other mental forces, etc). Still can be resisted by other forces or attacked and broken, just cannot be tampered with.

(Green Telekinesis Looks:)

Telepathy: (Defensive) I've learned how to exert my mind in order to do two things: 1) Communicate with other minds. 2) Defend myself against mental attacks.
I cannot launch mental attacks nor can I force my mind into anyone else's that has the ability to resist telepathy at any level.


Hydrokinesis: Allows me to manipulate both water and ice elements.

Echo-Communication: Allows me to use the bio-sonar/echolocation ability that some aquatic animals use. Can be used as a sonar to locate surrounding object/people as well as communicate with aquatic life (and influence their actions).

--->Hydro-Crystallinite: (Passive) By combining the powers of my reality bending/Crystallinite and Hydrokinesis, I now have the ability to instantaneously transform my Crystallinite (of any kind) from solid to liquid phase (or vice versa). This allows greater adaptability and mobility of my Crystallinite. Liquid Crystallinite retains its durability and whatever enhancements it has been given.


-A relic is a Shrew's soul bound weapon which they can use to store other weapons/artifacts and objects and can also usually use them as a weapon, although sometimes not. Relics are also cannot be harmed unless their owner is killed. Relicism takes the power of the Shrew's relic a bit further, allowing them higher mastery over the weapon/item and transformation of it into various forms.

First Form: Rosery/Prayer Beads: [Form Category: Object] This I carry around my right wrist and carries any gem stones or crystals of power that I have collected, as well as Vigilance my sword and any other weapons. The Rosery's beads will transform into the gem/crystal that is currently active or that I'm drawing power from. The Rosery can also be activated itself, as a weapon, at which point it will expand and the beads will be linked together in an aura and the Rosery will form a circle around me. The Rosery in this state can be used as either a whip when all linked by the aura, or the beads can be separated and fired off as bullet like projectiles, which will then return to the Rosery after a short time. In either state of weapon form, the Rosery can take on whatever powers of Navitas/Studys that I have currently (ie Sound, Ice, Fire, etc.).
(Normal Form)

(Activated Form)
Second Form: Ocarina: [Form Category: Object] The second form the I've learned to transform my Relic to is an ocarina. Through it, I can channel my Sound Manipulation into songs, which have various effects depending on the tune I'm playing. Single notes can also be used as sonic blasts more powerful than what I can produce with my voice alone. Songs are listed below.

-Song of Slumber: Those who hear this song will be naturally lulled to sleep. It's melody drifts downwards across the scale and uses even, soothing tones. Stronger targets more resilient against sound/sleep effects will have their senses dulled at the very least.

-Song of Malice: Unleashes harsh tones, full of staccato'ed movements, each note unleashing a harmful wave of sound. The longer this song is played, the stronger the sound waves become until whatever is targeted is eventually weakened and shattered by the force. Can target specific targets, or be unleashed in an area of effect (AoE).

-Song of Retribution: This song has a constructive, winding melody and is played to create a reflective barrier of sound around the user. The next attack to hit the barrier will rebound upon the attacker, though this breaks the barrier and it cannot be recreated immediately after.

-Song of Swiftness: A smooth yet quickly tempo'ed song, whose voice creates a flurry of speed around the target. Speed lasts for a totally round of posts between characters (one from each until it circles back to me.

-Song of Restoration: A soft smooth, slow melody that heals those targeted, both from physical and mental ailments. Easily disrupted, harder to use in the midst of battle.

-Reverse Song: A song that mimics another song of my choosing, but is played backwards instead. The result causes the reverse effect of whatever song I played in reverse; ie: Healed wounds will reopen, those lulled to sleep will be awakened, those things shattered by sound will be repaired, those targeted will be slowed, etc.



Sono-Telekinesis: (Teliology + Physics): Combines Telekinesis and Sonokinesis. Allows me to emit sound waves from any physical telekinesis or through telekinetic influence, giving me the ability to produce sound without using my voice or some other medium to generate the sound waves. Also allows me to dampen or amplify any sound waves I come into contact with, giving me the ability to both unleash greater sound attacks from smaller sound sources or to completely mute myself or other people, as to avoid detection, as well as naturally/passively protect myself from my own sound-based attacks.

Echo Mastery: (Physics + Oceanography) (Passive): Combines the Echo-location abilities of Oceanography with the Sonokinetic abilities from Physics. Passively gives me greater power over sound, sonar, and echo control.


Shrew Aspect


Pirate Ship/Crew
Captain Hezekiah


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