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Tatsui's Shrewish Studies (Updated as of 12/12/13)

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Tatsui's Shrewish Studies (Updated as of 12/12/13)

Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:16 pm

Navitas/Shrewish Studies

In Navitas studies, Tatsui is able to use Biology, Chemistry, Mysticism and Astronomy so far. This list will be updated often as she adds more studies.

In Biology, she has the ability of plant manipulation. This is common to see as a trapping or defensive way to use the art, though sometimes it can be used offensively. Her first plant she conjured is the white rose and now is her signature. In the use of Biology, Tatsui is also able to extend and retract muscle, as well as biologically alter aspects of her body and sometimes others. Lastly Biology allows the concept of regeneration. Tatsui is able to heal on field and off field, though this is not usually what she uses Biology for. However, if needed, she will proceed to use it on herself and allies.

Chemistry allows Tatsui to control ice, fire, water, metal, poison, earth, and air. These elements do not include wood. She is able to use these at will and make them appear at will as well. Tatsui also has the habit of combining them, using her studies together in unison in order to make them stronger; Immaterial or weaker elements are given a stronger form by applying those solids to softer elements. This is seen when Tatsui is able to conjure plants which can hold down people or lift heavier things by the use of metal or earth in plants from Biology. Based on her rank, Tatsui has chosen the following four elements to use: earth, poison, metal and air.

Mysticism allows Tatsui to manipulate photogess, or light and holy energies in the Shrewish Philosophies. This has the ability to purify and banish darkness, evil and anything related to it in a variety of objects and even people. Purification can even performed on herself. It being the true weakness to Shaddow, this is what connects her to Medius. Manipulation of photogess also allows Tatsui to bend light to blind, heat something gently or focus it to burn materials without the use of the fire element. Warping of light allows her to create illusions or render herself invisible for a limited amount of time.

Astronomy is the last and latest Study which Tatsui obtained. This allows her to create heat and fire, earth, ice and cold, and gravity as well as manipulate already existing sources. The intensity and amount of generation is dependent on rank. Earth is capable of calling down or conjuring not only earth based rock, but space based as well. Though she has control over some heat with photogess, Astronomy allows direct control of heat and fire. Ice can chill space and bring cold, which can be applied to anything, including rooms, objects and even people. Gravity can allow the pushing or pulling of objects or people. It can be used in various ways, for example using it to help push something heavy, even if Tatsui would normally not have the amount of strength to make it budge.
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Re: Tatsui's Shrewish Studies (Updated as of 12/12/13)

Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:50 pm


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