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Medius' Studys

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Medius' Studys

Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:08 pm

Eclipsian Armor/Spear: This is an armor and spear which appear in my possession when I activate Eclipse mode (see powers list). The armor and spear have several attributes/abilities.

-Increases speed and overall reflexes by 2x.
-Ability to absorb some damage from raw energy forms and large blunt damage/excessive force damage.
-Spear: Always returns to me after being thrown no matter what happens to it.
-Spear: Able to pierce through a large variety of energy based shielding/defense methods, by disrupting the energy as it pierces it.



Relic: This staff is my relic which is a Shrew's and Eclipse's inborn weapon, which appears to them when they are born. It is tied to their lifeforce, and thus cannot be destroyed until they are completely destroyed. It inhibits all of my abilities, even if my own are nullified. The second thing is that it acts as a storage container, able to absorb any of my artifacts, and store them for me. When this is done, the Relic inhibits all of the abilities of the artifacts within it. Can never be lost, will always return to me.

Being an Eclipse, I'm naturally inclined to have this study as my first and most widely used and seen for. Allows manipulation of darkness, shadows, and Shaddow, etc.

Shaddow: Allows to me form and manipulate Shaddow. Shaddow is a dark form mutation of Navitas that has the ability to revert between a gaseous state and a extreme solid state within seconds, and depending on the user and rank, can become very durable, especially against ordinary light. Being an Eclipse, I'm very adept at using this, being able to form its solidity to that of high grade metals or very hard crystalline substance, and in the next second make it diffuse into a shadowy, black smoke or gas like substance, making me able to make it very mobile. I can create any sort of shape that I can think of, as to make attacks/weapons, and defenses very easily. Ordinary light is blocked out by it, as ordinary light is not its weakness.
:Update: I have learned to control Shaddow even to the point now that I can form it into a liquid state and plasma state as well, giving another angle of control, and another edge with it.

Shadow Control: Allows me to take over and manipulate normal shadows. I can use them as a mode of transportation, by slipping through them, and sliding out of another or I can harden them also, making them a sudden physical force to fight or defend with.

Self-Shadow Domination: Allows me to connect with a persons shadow, and then once contact is made, to try and immobilize them with their own shadow. Users of shadow and light will probably be able to easily resist this, but non-users might have a harder time.
Fire & Ice/Heat & Cold: Allows me to control temperature as well as form and control fire and ice in the area around me, as well as manipulate other sources of it around me.

Earth Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate most earth and dirt like substances, sand, pebbles, rock, crystals, etc.

Planetary Power Tap: Allow me to tap into the power of the power of the planet I am on, allowing me to tap into its magnetic and gravity fields and bend them to my will. Cannot be used in complete opposite of how the fields run (example, cannot cause magnetism away from the two poles, or gravity to pull away from the earth's surface.)

Solar Absorbtion: Can absorb energy from other heat sources, especially the sun, and even from other distant stars to fuel attacks or make them much stronger. If someone uses a flame/lightning/heat/plasma attack on me, I may be able to absorb some if not all of the attack into energy for myself, or redirect it as a Star Bolt, etc.

Star Bolts: A bolt/spherical mass of condensed and concentrated Solar and heat energy. These move at speeds mach 2 and 3 and because they are so hot, and so concentrated, they can blast and burn through many substances, even more so than a comet. If they hit something they they cannot just go through, they explode, sending a large wave of superheated air and plasma outwards to further burn through and destroy whatever they are aimed for.

Star Beam: Same as the Star Bolt, but it is in a continuous beam that blasts outwards in one or more directions, and continually melts and burns through objects in its path.

Space Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate Space, to warp it and control it. This is a limited ability right now, mostly used in my Crudus Dimensional Force (see below) and to aid in teleportation.

Teliology: Allows me to exert control over the mind and over reality.

Telepathy: Allows me to read peoples mind, or exert mental attacks, defenses, and energy.

Conscious Perimeter: This is the ability to expand my consciousness over areas larger than my own mind. While doing so, I can read other minds caught within it, or even see events taking place as though I were there. Conscious Perimeter is undetectable except to another who happens to have their Conscious Perimeter on the same frequency as my own, but that starts a large mental battle, and is quite rare. The only way one can sense it is if I enter their mind through it, and they have to be psychic to do so, or have some mental awareness or something.

Reality Twisting/Portal Creation: With the limited power over reality, I can create portals from one place to another that can teleport me or others, or objects, etc. That is the extent of the ability at this rank.


Photogess: Holy/Light mutation of Navitas. Can be used to purify darkness, shadow, and evil powers. Also in manifested form, can burn through a large variety materials. Only true weakness of Shaddow. Can form various shapes and sizes out of it, such as shells, spikes, walls, blades, etc. Although not limited to these shapes.

Light Manipulation: Allows me to be able to bend light, and also focus it from most sources. Can only use it for now for weak invisibility feats on self or medium to small objects.

Purification: Allows me to remove harmful or unwanted influences. Limited to poisons, Unholy/Dark influences, Psychic/Spiritual Bindings, and anything that attempts to hinder movement or hinders physical stats (Anything that makes me weaker, slower, etc).

Light Rechannel: Allows me to rechannel energy from another light source to boost the power of my light/Photogess powers for a limited time (one or two uses at most).


Shaddow Flames: This combines the Heat, flame, and Solar energy manipulation of Astronomy with the Shaddow of Occlutiology. These flames are extremely hot, able to melt even some other energies, and a variety of substances which hard of some medium strength. It becomes even more powerful with heat/solar sources around. It also can be made a completely solid flame, so that it becomes a barrier, or it can be made like a gas, which diffuses quickly throughout the area, burning and melting through the area around. It also has Shaddow's corruptive nature.

Black Ice: Combined freezing powers of Astronomy with Shaddow of Occlutiology. This creates ice which is super-resistant to melting any any stage that its in, snow, freezing blasts, hail, etc. However, the ice can also be then transformed into a gaseous freezing stuff that freezes whatever it touches. It can be inverted back and forth like that.

Universal Balance of Light and Darkness: Combination of Occlutiology and Mysticism. Allows me to use the both of them simultaneously, or using one to absorb all the light/holiness or all the darkness/shadow/evil etc out of the area, and making the opposite 3x as strong as before, because there is no more of the opposite to weaken it. When both are used in unison, they become immune to each others effects, making it so that Shaddow/shadows are immune to other light/holy powers and Photogess, while Photogess and light will become immune to dark powers trying to corrupt or absorb them. When Occlutiology is used to absorb, the area becomes bathed in eye-blinding light, and when Mysticism is used to absorb, the area becomes pitch black. I also have the power to reverse this if necessary.
Attached to above, can use these abilities:
---> Shaddow Eye: Creates a small black orb, which can take in light from every direction at once, and while doing so, is connected to my eye, which allows me to see in all directions at once, from the point of view of the orb.

Megabolts: Combination of Star Bolts from astronomy, and photogess from Mysticism. Combined, it forms a super dense sphere of super-destructive heat and light, which once hits something, burns through it, and then explodes inside, releasing all of the energy, and causing an explosion of super heat and light, which would probably be able to destroy most materials in a manner of minutes, depending on the material.

Shaddow Familiar: Combo of Teliology and Occlutiology, allows my shadow to become a minion sort of, that can attack basically on its own, and even separate from me if need be.

Dimensional Energy: Combining the powers of Teliology, Astronomy, and Occlutiology, I can create a mix of energy which I call Dimensional Energy. This new type of energy lends itself to several different abilities including: Dimensional Portals/Void Portals, extra dimensional space or “void”, and Dimensional Force. The details of these are listed below. By itself, Dimensional Energy is a semi-stable energy which carries with it Shaddow’s ability to solidify and desolidify itself upon command (i.e. it acts like Shaddow). However, Dimensional Energy is more resilient to Photogess and has the ability to affect the fabric of space and the ability to multiply or divide other energy sources it comes into contact with.

→ Dimensional Portals: Using Dimensional Energy, I can create portals. These portals can be use to teleport either myself, other people or even objects across large distances. They can also be used to enter the extra-dimensional space that I created/discovered (see below.) Lastly, they can also be used to bridge into other dimensional spaces, provided I have the ability to access them (i.e. the dimensional coordinates) or have been there before.

→ Dimension Xi (Xi or ≡ Dimension; Xi for short): Use of Dimensional Energy has allowed me to access a special dimension which I have named Dimension ≡ (Xi). Whether the Dimensional Energy allowed me to create this dimension or if I simply discovered it remains unknown. Dimensional Energy allows me to not only access Xi, but also manipulate the dimension at will. Xi is filled with Dimensional Energy, allowing me to use it as a conduit, so long as I can continue to open portals to it.

→ Dimensional Force: Dimensional Energy has the ability to affect the fabric of space, thus I can use it to affect the physical world. Dimensional Force is much like gravity, in that I can exert it against matter and energy. Inside Xi, Dimensional Force acts as the dimension’s gravity, and with it I can push or pull objects/people into or out side the dimension through portals.

(Visual Aids)
Dimension Xi







Other Abilities:
Eclipse Form: There is a seal that is on my arm, that once fed even a small amount of energy, will activate, and place me in my original Eclipse Form. When this happens, my full powers over Shaddow and Occlutiology are unleashed, making any attacks from them 5x stronger, and expend less energy, although I'm more open/less resistant to light attacks when in this mode. When it is activated, the Eclipsian Armor and Spear (explained in weapons/artifacts list) also appear on me, as well as a natural aura of Shaddow that normally comes with an Eclipse.

Eclipse Form

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