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Alexis' Studys

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Alexis' Studys

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The Relic is a Shrew's soul bound artifact. It appeared to me shortly after birth. At first I just thought it was a ring, but after several months, I learned it was much more than that. After removing the ring from my finger, the ring expands, and takes its true form as a gold/silver chakra, which gleams with light, and is pretty sharp. I've gotten better with the weapon since its discovery, although I always keep it in its ring form on my finger when not using it. The Relic obviously also allows for storage of any other items or artifacts within it, allowing to take on any powers of those artifacts inside and combined them and reflects my own Shrewish/Navitas abilities.

Ring Form
Chakram Form

Jian/Tai Chi Sword

This is a sword that I found while poking around the Forgery in the Province. It seems like an ordinary sword as far as I could tell. I haven't used it much, but I would like to train with it so as to have a second weapon just in case.

Huxley Pearl

A pearl that Mr. Huxley gifted to me. It is irridescent and has a rainbow sheen about it. It also has purification powers which augment my own powers from Mysticism. I always keep it inside my Relic (see above). From there, its powers can always be accessed.


[Note: Due to event token (see bank) I am allowed to have 1 extra study beyond the rank limitations.]
This being my first Study, the one I was naturally born with, and have the most experience with so far. Mysticism allows me to manipulate light and Photogess, which is a Holy/Light mutation/variation of Navitas. I can manipulate, bend, and even redirect ordinary light to my will at my current rank, able to make blinding flashes and the sort, but nothing overly complicated or able to cause a great amount of damage or harm, yet.

Light Manipulation: Allows me to bend light, as well as manipulate, redirect, and even create it to a certain extent. As my powers are growing, at this rank, I'm able to unleash and manipulate some smaller illusions, as well as heat that light, photogess, (and other sources of heat) gives off. I'm also able to harness light sources to increase my power and energy.

Photogess: Photogess naturally has the power to purify dark powers, and also usually is quite hot, being able to burn through large array of materials. My limit for now allows me to form small quantities of the energy, nothing larger than a full body aura. The purifying power is there as well, and the height of burning power is at a level enough to burn slowly through stone at best.

Meteorology is my second study, one which allows me to manipulate the weather and the various elements that are associated. At this rank, I can create small area storms and influence larger already formed storms.

Ice/Cold Manipulation: Allows me to form and manipulate ice as well as drop the temperature of objects I am near by to or touching or the air temperature. Objects touched are more susceptible to temperature drop and I can drop air temperature at a 30 ft radius around me. The closer one gets, the colder around me it can become.

Wind Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate air currents to create twisters, blasts of wind, shields, and use the wind as a form weak telekinetic power. (Much like air bending, and sometimes without all the fancy moves)

Water Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate electrical energy, calling it forth from storm clouds, or generating it from my own bodily energy.

Water Manipulation: Allows me to control water in all states of matter, bending it to my will to form attacks, defenses, or help control the weather. Main ability ingredient in forming storm clouds.

Shaddow Manipulation: Shadow/Darkness mutation of Navitas, this energy is extremely versatile. It first and foremost is extremely defensive, about to shield the user from even strong energy attacks, depending on rank, and can also harden itself into solid objects of which hardness is dependent on rank. From there, it can be dispersed into smoke like energy, which also gives the user some shading ability. Shaddow's second attribute is its corruptibility. Being a dark mutation of Navitas, it tends to darken all around it very quickly, almost as though it drains the light from the area. This effect is often most evident by its user, who must continually battle against it to remain unchanged from using it.

Shadow Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate my own shadow as well as other surrounding shadows. Allows me to solidify them and use them as attacks or defenses, as well as block out light sources or hide from view even.

Wood/Plant Element: Allows me to manipulate/generate plant materials to use as defenses or attacks.

Self-Body Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate my own body, allowing for healing outside of battle, slight in battle regeneration, and fusing with my own powers. Also limited healing abilities on other people outside of battle, must be touching.


White Lightning: (Mysticism + Meteorology) Fuses Photogess with electrical energy. Produces a blinding flash upon release and has the ability to burn through most medium grade metals/materials. Normally a focused attack against a single pinpoint target. Large area of effect (AoE) is possible, but doubles the amount of energy it takes to use.

Black Wind: (Meteorology + Occlutiology) Unleashes a small-medium funnel of black colored wind, Shaddow infused, which can be controlled to move in any direction along the ground. Funnel has twice the power of normal whirlwinds and cannot be easily disrupted by other wind sources and can repel/muffle fire.

Tainted Soil: (Occlutiology + Biology) (AoE) Pours Shaddow into soil in a 10 foot radius around me or in a 20 ft diameter circle near by. The soil will then produce Shaddow tainted roots/vines 2x stronger than normal plants, which attack/restrain a target in that area.
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