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Sentius' Studies

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Sentius Morraugr
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Sentius' Studies

Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:53 pm

Passive Night Vision
Sentius was born into a world with no star. Thus she had to adapt to living in such ways. Because of this, she can only see in the darkness. When in light her eyes literally burn. She uses thin disks of Shaddow to cover her eyes from the light, this makes her blind in any area with more light that the night sky.

Corruption Talisman
A talisman made of a darkness so great is corrupts targets who have no resistance. A corrupted target becomes a zombie like creature who's only will is to obey a single given order.

Rain of Daggers
Sentius can manipulate her Shaddow to form a blast of shooting daggers.

Sentius chose to learn this study simply to better understand how to turn the Light, into darkness. Aside from using it as part of a crudus, she doesn't really use it.

Twilight Overcast
A mist like energy that flows into an area allowing Sentius to gain control over a specific space or area. The Twilight is made of Photogess and Shaddow. The Shaddow forms the darkness of the night sky and the Photogess forms the stars in the night sky.

Photogess Stars
When the Twilight Overcast is active, Sentius can use the stars in it's night sky-like appearance to fire off beams of Photogess. These beams can be used offensively or can sustain themselves to be used as tethers.

Shaddow Step
Anywhere the Twilight Overcast can touch, is a place Sentius can Shaddow Step to. Doing this she turns her entire body into Twilight Overcast and moves to a new area within the Twilight Overcast.

Half-Light Stream
A perfect unity of Shaddow and Photogess forms from all of Sentius' fingers and is shot in a beam in whatever direction she chooses.

Sentius' Relic takes the form of a lance. Along each of the lances 4 blades is a mix of Photogess and Shaddow that forms an energy that resembles the night sky. The Lance can be recalled like a boomerang back to her hand.
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Re: Sentius' Studies

Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:47 am


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