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Collecting Lost Scrolls

Twisted Meadows, it's a name that describes itself in every way. Oh, but not in the way you think, here lives the Twisted Slayer Clan. These inbred family members all relentlessly kill anyone who dares to intrude upon their meadows. While they may be dimwitted and lack intelligence, they make up for it in raw strength and power.
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Re: Collecting Lost Scrolls

Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:24 pm

The Sableeye would continue to dance in the rain-like droplets. At least it did so until confronted with a water blast that caused it to unleash it's own attack with haste. Without much thought, the little sable eye would release [Shadow Ball] straight towards the blast before moving left of where it was while [Leering] at the little squirtle.


Instead of scaring things away, Yuuka and her Arcanine did the exact opposite. From the bushes to her far left, a massive [Water Pulse] would shoot towards the Arcanine. After this a second attack would be let out causing a [Sandstorm] to befall the area. As this went on, the pokemon would energy from the bushes and begin offensively making noises at the Arcanine, in an attempt to taunt it.



As each hand finished it's swing it would fade into smoke, and just as it fades, another would form and be shot through the smoke towards Seikiel. As for the ectoplasma targeting the scroll, it would strike successfully, but it would find that what it was striking was another of the fists, which like before would fade away. As time went on, the poisonous smoke would begin to grow thicker and thicker, gradually reducing the light in the area by almost 80%.

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