Mori mori mori Morioh-cho ra-dio!

the return of the Loyals

An artificial lake built long ago by digging up million of tons of dirt and transporting them to the Lofron Region to be terraformed. Initially the lake was a success, and communities thrived, but ever since the Dark Masque rolled in, nothing has been the same. What was once an almost blue and serene lake is now a tar black lake that holds only the most vile of fish. Still, even to this day, Coliginosity folk like to take a swim or two.
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Re: the return of the Loyals

Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:20 pm

*The loyal felt the slam of a punch caught off guard and fell straight to the ground*

Loyal: "Ok I deserve that"

*Once Miles left everyone packed up their things and left their own ways, those who had families had left for home through whatever means they could.*

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