Mori mori mori Morioh-cho ra-dio!

The second and final pitstop

What used to be a tall majestic perfectly symmetrical peak rising above the surrounding forests soon became a twisted and unnaturally shaped volcano of dark magic. From this twisted mountain spews the Dark Masque, a thick dark magic cloud that forever twisted the Coliginosity into a dead and dying wasteland. What's odd is that the Dark Mask seems to turn to regular clouds once it passes over any Sea, Ocean or the Darkenbark Woods. Some says it's a curse, others say it was done on purpose to provoke a Human-Elven War.

What is known is that the closer one gets to the mountain, the more the Dark Masque mentally consumes then turning them into a soldier of Darkness, forever bound to the mountains bidding unless they can be purged of the darkness.
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Miles Seiler
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The second and final pitstop

Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:39 pm

*Miles would come crashing down outside what seemed to be a stone mound so fast he left a miniature crater where he landed however made sure he was not harmed by stopping most of the force through his telekenesis. To someone with exceptional hearing they could hear muffled screaming within at this time as using Miles's shaping skills he shaped a black diamond chain to whip straight through the dirt and rip out yanking none other than Goldbeard himself, gagged, bound, blindfolded, and deafened via ear plugs. With a hatred for him equal to none other Miles unplugged on of his ears and whispered in an angry tone. “Miss me Goldbeard?” With that done Goldbeard would begin screaming with complete fear as he was unable to do anything since he was gagged, bound, blindfolded, and deafened. Miles then replugged his ear and would boot him into the sky at full force like a football. When he kicked him he made sure to leave some ooze on his ass so he could repair any damage the kick did but leave the pain as he flew straight into the sky so far he would surely crash into about 5 birds at least on the way. With a rev Miles then took off even faster with his jetpack system in the same direction.*
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Re: The second and final pitstop

Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:43 pm

*goldbeard tried to scream for help best he could as he felt the crash shake the ground. Once he felt the chain wrap around him he thought he was saved and was already planning to back stab him once he regained his power from the major wound and drain from battling Manyshot. However once he heard Miles's voice he was worried for his life and was already praying to god for his escape. when he got booted in the ass he could have swore he shit himself due to the feeling of the ooze and screamed in complete pain that no man would be able to walk away from. As flew through the air he was begging for the sweet release of death on impact with the ground amazed he was still alive.*

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