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The Bujeong Krai is a Kumiho controlled region run by a Lord or Shogun. The current Shogun is Hoyeong Choe, father of Kyunghu Choe. Hoyeong is a Kumiho Nationalist and wishes to have the Kumiho return to power in the region. He currently heads the Bujeong Shogun, a Kumiho only gang that controls and runs Multimillion Dollar corporations and companies. The largest of which is the Komudome.

Komudomes are massive stadium built and operated by the Bujeong Shogun for the purpose of armed combat. Gladiator style tournaments, and other sporting events, both illegal and legal are held here. Millions gather in the city around the Komudome looking to participate or make a fortune. The city around the Komudome is filled with everything one could want in a city built around sports and gambling.

Komudome City is a massive networks of twists and turns, each with a new shop, store or place to spend your cash. It’s a tourist destination and trap where people often find themselves sucked dry of cash and forced to live in the country with no options to return home. It is perhaps the most dangerous city and location in all of Velikansha.
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