Argoreskstadt's history is brand new. The nation was founded only 1 year ago by Erik Miller after he purchased the land from Velikansha. The land he purchased was terraformed using the Gaia WarHammer and was reshaped and reformed to create Argorekstadt. Argorekstadt is two islands southwest of Velikansha that are controlled and run by the Devero. The Devero are Kwandrivia's newest species. Each Devero is brown from the seed of a Earth Native tree. These people crafted from nature, worked with Erik to forge a natural and environmentally peaceful nation. Every millimetre of the forest is protected and sacred and the Devero make is their goal to show people that when you use something from nature, you return something of equal value. The entire nation is sparsely populated with small tree top villages housing around 500 people here and there. Most people, almost all 4 million of them live inside the walls of Argomagala Castle.

Argomagala is the capital city and largest city in all of Argorekstadt. The city is divided from the protected forests around it by 100 metre tall stone and wood walls. Inside the walls are the Devero populations and miniscule amount of other species, mainly High Elves and Wood Elves that choose to make this their new home.

Prime Minister: Willow Whisp
King: Erik Miller
City Style: Nature
Aspects: N/A
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