I have Rebuilt the Kwandrivia Roleplay World, there are new national banner and a simplified layout that is easier to use and has less subforums. I have also skipped the Civil War Idea I had and just made the new layout with that in mind.

The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.


Grandier City is a project started by the deseaced Pirate King Grandier. He vowed to make the island a safer place, but in turn attracted the wrong kind and made deals which made it worse. The first was trying to make Grandier City. The plan was a community built by criminals, but once word got out about this, several high ranked people showed up and changed that. What remains of the project is little to none and what it has become is a city only the richest and strongest can live in.
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