The Marketplace is more an open concept mall than a true market. Either way it in the largest of Kwandrivia commercial areas, thus, literally any goods one could find round Kwandrivia can be found here, sometime cheaper, sometimes lower. Shopkeepers may sometimes offer up unique missions to those looking to acquire goods or resources. Owners of shops around Kwandrivia also get a free both here to sell goods.
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  • Miles' Mods and Arsenal [MMA]
    Miles Mods and Arsenal is the shop owned by Miles Seiler. Outside of the shop are signs displaying things about genetic modifications with images of people breathing fire, having mechanical arms, and even having steel skin. There are also images referring to unique weapons and armor of the exotic nature. Below the signs to the shop is a sign that say the slogan of the MMA "Shaped your way, whether genetic or materialistic."
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  • the Engineering Bay
    The Engineering Bay is a joint effort between Abraham Noah Revil and the General. It's goal is to help provide the people of Kwandrivia with technology and weapons. Revil's specialization is Ranged weapons and Combat Packs while the General specializes in explosives, shield technology and speed enhancing technology.
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