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  • Grand Citadel
    Cut deep into the side of a mountain overlooking Fortune Bay is the massive and towering Grand Citadel. Here, Imperator Harry controls his nation from the comfort of his throne. The entire building is guarded by well payed former thugs and criminals who easily accepted his offer. Once must first come to the Grand Gate to seek a meeting with Harry. Harry makes it his personal mission to visit each person who wishes to come to him.
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  • Whispering Rabbit Inn and Tavern
    In the centre of a large graveyard, is the Whispering Rabbit Inn and Tavern. This tavern, like the graveyard is the only remaining area of Port Fortune that remained after the burning of Port Fortune. It is the most popular bar in the city and has expanded underground into the catacombs of the graveyard.
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  • Conretia Ports
    A massive port capable of accepting the largest ships the entire planet can offer. It is a massive locked down industrial harbour complete with it's own military base. There's isn't much to do here beyond browsing for ships to purchase.
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  • Roxandrios
    The Capital and largest city of the Imperium Expura. The City is built overtop the ruins of Port Fortune. Port Fortune was burnt to the ground destroying almost every building. What remained was cleared out by non human slaves and then a massive concrete and stone city was built over top it. Roxandrios is a human only city.
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  • Imperial PokeField
    Only the most regal and royal of pokemon can be found here.
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  • Prison Experimentus
    A prison built in a former mineshaft. It is 3km deep and houses thousands of slaves crammed into spaces so small that 20 people have to share a single room. The Imperium condemns and imprisons almost everyone for any crime without warning.

    Police in the nation are both a Cop, Judge and Lawyer.

    In a deeper part of the prison, brutal experiments go on, ones where prisoners are used as tools and toys by scientists.

    the Unlocked Potential Aspect can be found here.
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