I have Rebuilt the Kwandrivia Roleplay World, there are new national banner and a simplified layout that is easier to use and has less subforums. I have also skipped the Civil War Idea I had and just made the new layout with that in mind.

The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

Zenthel City

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  • Great Oak
    The Great Oak tree is the most Sacred place within all of the High Elven Halycon Kingdom. It is known to be thousands of years old and is the birthplace of the High Elven race. It is the single god, single deity and single thing the High Elf worship. It is here a High Elf is born and dies. Likewise it is the centre of the city and the heart of the Halcyon Kingdom. The tree is also home to the current Prince/Princess of the Halcyon Kingdom and is where the richest of the High Elven live. Rooms of all shapes and sizes are built atop it's branches, thousands of rope bridges connect each room.
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  • Zenthel City
    In Zenthel City, the buildgins and homes are build upon large rocks and around tree trunks and tree branches. Each building is of a similar construction and each one is made of woven vines, rocks and magically grown back that have been grown into these hanging homes for hundreds of years. Each home is passed from generation to generation or simply given to a new owner when needed. The homes at the heart of the city are the oldest and each time new one is needed it must be grown. Buildings built atop rocks are made from the rocks themselves. Any homes built on the ground are done so with extra care not to disturb and wildlife.
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  • Palace of Kaia
    At the base of the Great Oak is a High Elven palace that has been there since the dawn of the species. Over time the Palace has been built more and more lavish using imported goods and goods won from battles. The Palace is a shimmering white and gold that is constantly cleaned and maintained. Within the Palance the Princess/Prince conducts his/her daily business. The Palace also acts as the cities Financial District, Military Headquarters and Governmental Headquarters all in one place. High Elves without permission can never enter these walls, so the odds of an outsider entering are non existent.
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  • Hatching Dens
    Deep inside a large petrified tree trunk are the nesting grounds of some of Kwandrivia's most ferocious but tame beasts. The beasts have come to trust and care for their nature loving friends and wish to make pacts with anyone who comes here.
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  • Forested PokeField
    Deep inside a GRASSY cave you'll find the Forested POokeField. Come here to try your best for a Flora Badge, or shop at the PokeCentre.
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  • Alcove of the Great Fairy
    East of the Great Oak, is another tree of incredible size, this tree is topped with a massive white stone and marble palace. Within his palace is the Great Fairy and her Guild of Fairy. A character comes here to gain the Aspect of the Fairy, granting them wings of flight and attributes that comes with that.
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  • Magikami Monument
    Deep beneath the Great Oak is a shrine guarded by two 3rd Rank Elven Warriors. It is beyond these warriors that a space of null energy, lies. Within this null energy zone, all forms of energy are rendered useless, except a small amount to keep a person alive. Within their pitch black charcoal coloured room as a single monument, an obelisk. This monument is the start of the Magikami Aspect.
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  • Hanging Bazaar
    As one makes it further and further towards the heart of Zen City, one will find that the area around the Great Oak Tree becomes more and more dense with buildings, people and trees. It is in this dense area that one can find the Hanging Bazaar. The Hanging Bazaar is the heart of the Halcyon Kingdom's financial and commercial power. Shops, company offices, and small local sized good manufacturers literally line the treetops.
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