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Supremus Island

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    During the Laurentia Civil war, among all the chaos and battle, a new nation was forged from the chaos of another.

    The Imperium Expura.

    The Imperium Expura is all that remains of the Outlands after King Harry Jensen assumed control of the island. What was once a lawless nation of pirates and thugs, was quickly brought under control of the iron grip of Harry and his Imperial Regime. With the aid of Harry's Regime and all the money of the former Pirate King at his disposal, Harry begun Operation Imperium. Over the course of two weeks, all non humans were exiled from the islands and those who were left, were given a choice, obey, or die. Thus, the Imperium Expura was born.

    At the heart of the nation, where the former Port Fortune once stood is a massive concrete and stone structure, a city of true Order and Purity, a place all humans are welcome, a place where laws keep you safe and the military is always watching.

    Imperator: Harry Jensen
    City Style: Industrialist Empire
    Aspects: N/A
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