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    Because the Order is the location all Newcomers will start at, it is protected by a Getten Veil. A Gatten Veil renders all Abilities, Aspects and Weapons useless within the borders of the order. Any attempts to do so will result in intervention from the Order or the Order Guard and may come with a trip to the Vaultress.

    Nestled in the heart of a large saltwater lake is a moderate sized island that is home to a gleaming city of unity and togetherness. IT is within this city that your journey will begin. crossroads for the people where Race, Clan, Powers, Gender are of no concern to one another. The Order is here to service the people and act as the pillar that unites and keeps the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations from collapsing down on itself. The city itself was built by representatives of each of the adjoining Nations that came together after the formation of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations, this makes the Order Kwandrivia’s most diverse location.

    the Order: Farron, Thundarius, Verti
    National Theme: Multicultural, Diversity
    Aspects: Force Sensitivity, Wand Weilding, Vigilants of the Legion
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