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Kwandrivia is the forums main roleplaying world, it is here the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations overseen by the Order. All story and roleplay are done here, unless it involves going to space. All new roleplayer begin in the Order.
  • the Order

    Because the Order is the location all Newcomers will start at, it is protected by a Getten Veil. A Gatten Veil renders all Abilities, Aspects and Weapons useless within the borders of the order. Any attempts to do so will result in intervention from the Order or the Order Guard and may come with a trip to the Vaultress.

    Nestled in the heart of a large saltwater lake is a moderate sized island that is home to a gleaming city of unity and togetherness. IT is within this city that your journey will begin. crossroads for the people where Race, Clan, Powers, Gender are of no concern to one another. The Order is here to service the people and act as the pillar that unites and keeps the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations from collapsing down on itself. The city itself was built by representatives of each of the adjoining Nations that came together after the formation of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations, this makes the Order Kwandrivia’s most diverse location.

    the Order: Farron, Thundarius, Verti
    National Theme: Multicultural, Diversity
    Aspects: Force Sensitivity, Wand Weilding, Vigilants of the Legion
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  • Arctic Ocean
    A cold and near lifeless domain of ice, ice and water that might as well be ice. Both above and beneath these frigid waters you'll find almost nothing. There are a few bases here and there for Laurentia, the Dominion and Halcyon, but beyond that it's ice.
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  • Dominion Federation

    The Dominion Federation is Kwandrivia's hub and centre of all things technological and futuristic. The entire nation prides itself on using 100% renewable resources and using 100% non polluting green energy. The Dominion Federation is a norther island who's vast landscape is dominated by the Black Crystal Mountains, and the rest a large Crystal lake and low lying moderately warm cultivated grasslands. The Dominion Federation is managed and run by 3 major companies each overseeing the 3 major landscapes the nation has. While each company owns a section of the nation, all 3 companies work together as a conglomerate to keep everything running smooth. The Dominion Federation also holds land and territory in space and on Kwandrivia's moon Ghilandus.

    Representative: Samantha Thompson
    the Big 3:
    City Style: Futuristic
    Aspects: Afterburner Armour, Mobile Suits, Space Ship
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  • Discord Strait
    The Discord Strait is the result of warm waters flowing up from the Discord Ocean and into the strait between Briaria and Ashelia. These warm waters eventually reach Federation City of the Dominion Federation where they begin to cool down. Because of the warm waters, the climate of the Dominion is moderately warm, allowing for fields and crops to be grown on both Briaria and Halcyon's flat coastal areas.
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  • High Elven Halcyon Kingdom

    The Halcyon Kingdom, also known to outsiders as the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom is the birthplace and home of all High Elves of Kwandrivia. The Halcyon Kingdom is a green and natural paradise who's lands are both untouched by man, and left to grow as nature intended. The High Elves dedicate their lives to pursuing spiritual enlightenment and unity with nature instead of conflict and war like the humans and other species. No Nation stands united through the ages like Halcyon does. Instead of building structures like skyscrapers and suburbs, the High Elves choose to build thier homes in massive hanging communities built around trees and rocks. The largest of these communities is Zenthel, a massive sprawling tree built community that has existed since the dawn of Elven-kind. It is around the Mountain Sized Great Oak tree that Elven civilization started and continues to flourish. Because Zenthel and other Elven communities build thier communities in the trees, bridges, catwalks, multistory homes and handing buildgins can be seen spiderwebbing everywhere along the communities built up around the roaring Zenthel River.

    the Princess of Zenthel, like all before her has a strict policy that all outsiders must wear a black cloak with their respective species on it, Even elves who do not live in the Halcyon Kingdom must wear their. Not wearing a cloak in the Halcyon Kingdom is a crime punishable by death. Cloaks can be found at all Halcyon Borders or all ways into the nation. Places like the Great Oak, and the Cathedral of Kaia are all but forbidden for non Halcyon folk to even go near.

    Prince/Princess: Illithina
    City Style: Magical Fantasy
    Aspects: Magikami, Fairy, Beast Summoning
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  • Coliginosity

    The Coliginosity is the homeland of the people calling themselves the Dark-Elves. These Dark-Elves are actually a rare hybrid of Humans and High Elves from a time before Humans and High Elves went to war and began hating one another. As a result of prior occupation from Laurentia, most of the Coliginosity was strip mined and clear cut of all valuable resources. But this didn't stop the Dark-Elves from making it home, instead of becoming a 3rd world nation and accepting their fate, the Dark-Elves embraced their world and dark magic that helped destroy it. Vast wastelands, deathly deserts and almost tundra-like conditions cover most of the Coliginosity.

    the Capital of the Coliginosity is Death City. Death City was originally developed as a new utopian capital for a united Human and Elven territory. After the Dark Masque flooded the lands from Mt Draven. the entire city was bathed in a dark magic that twisted the Dark-Elves and drove them power hungry. This same drive also helped them to gain independence from Laurentia and form the Coliginosity.

    the Coliginosity is a nation where the strongest acquire power through any means, regardless of the consequences to their fellow citizens or anyone in their path. The people of the Coliginosity stand behind the principle that "only the strongest will survive", and regard any sign of weakness as disgrace towards their ideals and towards the Coliginosity itself. This does not mean the nations does not have laws, it just means the strongest are seen like the rich would be in other nations and have more protection and trust from others.

    Coliginosty remains a thriving nations thanks to it's Dark Masque powered Magi-Tek, a unique blend of Magic and Tachnology powered by the very force that twisted the land to what it is.

    Overseer: Nexi
    National Theme: Gothical Magi-Tek
    Aspects: Death Guardian, Demon Summoning, Magi-Tek
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  • United States of Laurentia

    At the end of the Laurentia Empire civil war two nations stood strong on either side of the Destreds Sea. The northern nation became known as the Unites States of Laurentia. Laurentia was the first to instigate the Laurentia Civil War. Laurentia like it's southern counterpart both share similar ideals and ways of life, but both couldnt be any different. the United States of Laurentia is a power hungry state who's primary and sole focus is it's military. Laurentia is divided into 6 States and one District.

    The Capital of Laurentia is the Acadia District. The Acadia District is the name given to the region of land that is occupied by hundreds of former cities that amalgamated to form the Mega-City of Acadia or the Acadia District. The District is home to 25 different Wards, and is both the capital and largest city of Laurentia. the Acadia District is the most populous metropolitan area on Kwandrivia boasting an astounding 351,434,607 citizens. It is the seat of Laurentia’s President and it’s government. the Acadia District it divided through the centre by the Destreds Sea, making it the perfect port city. The Core of the Acadia District has no height restrictions, this allowed the city’s core to rise up. Thousands of building dots the core along the Desteds Sea making one impressive near endless skyline.

    Representative: Johann Johnson
    National Theme: Near-Future
    Aspects: Super Soldier Program
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  • Destreds Sea
    The Mediterranean of Kwandrivia, this sea has played a vital role in many nations histories. This sea has seen many naval battles, many people die and massive cities and nations rise and fall. The Destreds sea is a vital water system for the nations that border it, it replaces Train and Vehicle transport ford goods of all sorts and helps support million of various life forms. There is a resort, a massive bridge and thousands of other attractions both man-made and natural here.
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  • the Order's Zephyr Resort and Shallows
    Like the Order, powers and abilities do not work here. Missions and Quests are an exception, the Owner's powers also work.

    The Zephry Resort and Shallows is a island resort built upon the ruins of an old Covenant. Because of what is was built upon, the Resort is themed in a very ancient way. It's only car accessible roads are the very ones that connect the resort to the Empire Connecting Super Bridge and the large underground carpark. The islands first came to be just after the foundation of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations when it, like the Murkwood Keys rose from the depths of the ocean. Shortly after the island rose from the ocean, a new owner took claim to it and began building Kwandrivia's second largest resort company. Now, all the needs of one looking to relax and have fun are here. the Order so made an agreement with the owner that Zephry Resort was to become property and part of the Order's Territory.
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  • Imperium Expura

    During the Laurentia Civil war, among all the chaos and battle, a new nation was forged from the chaos of another.

    The Imperium Expura.

    The Imperium Expura is all that remains of the Outlands after King Harry Jensen assumed control of the island. What was once a lawless nation of pirates and thugs, was quickly brought under control of the iron grip of Harry and his Imperial Regime. With the aid of Harry's Regime and all the money of the former Pirate King at his disposal, Harry begun Operation Imperium. Over the course of two weeks, all non humans were exiled from the islands and those who were left, were given a choice, obey, or die. Thus, the Imperium Expura was born.

    At the heart of the nation, where the former Port Fortune once stood is a massive concrete and stone structure, a city of true Order and Purity, a place all humans are welcome, a place where laws keep you safe and the military is always watching.

    Imperator: Harry Jensen
    City Style: Industrialist Empire
    Aspects: N/A
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  • Grandier Sea
    The furthest south portions of the Destreds Sea is known as the Grandier Sea. The bay is named after Grandier Fortune. It got it's name because Grandier once controlled the entire sea, sinking any ships that came his way single highhandedly. Ever since his death at the hands of the Empire, the bay has returned to peace. A statue of Grandier sits on a small island.
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  • Anglia Empire

    At the end of the Laurentia Empire civil war two nations stood strong on either side of the Destreds Sea. The Southern Nation adopted the name Anglia and chose to remain a more liberal nation as opposed to it's highly conservative Northen counterpart. Anglia is a mush flatter nation and most of it is farming fields and grasslands. The people now live under the rule of King Graham. Like Laurentia, Anglia believes themselves to be the true successor to the Laurantia Empire.

    While Acadia might be the largest city in Anglia, it is not the capital, nor is the second largest city Morgenstall. The capital of Anglia is Kingstown, a former retreat for the old Kings of Britannica. Kingstown has narrow winding roads that stem from larger avenues that are more fit for cars and trucks. Where Acadia has no height limits, Kingstown does. The city also has a focus on more green spaces and bylaws that state no skyscrapers can be built too close to another.

    King: Graham MacDouglas
    National Theme: Modern
    Aspects: Beseeching the Legion
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  • Helm Islands

    A nation driven by the willpower to bend steam and iron into a massive steam powered economy. The Helm Islands was built from fleeing Dwarves and Humans who sought to escape the tyrannical Britannica Empire of the past. Arriving on the islands the fleeing people found Chromiumbark, a mysterious metal that grew in the form of trees. This metal became the backbone of the island along with the power of steam energy.

    The capital of the Helm Islands is fortress peak, a massive iron, steel and Chromiumbark fortress built into the side of a mountain. Built around the fortress are hundreds of homes in various levels until the city finally reaches the sea below.

    the Helm Islands are lead by the Supreme Command, who also has the role of King, with his Generals and Admirals he helps keep the nations stable, and free from the reminders of the Britannica Empire.

    King: Bernd Gehry
    National Theme: Steampunk
    Aspects: Steamdrive, Alchemy, Core Weapons
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  • Excelsior

    Excelsior is all that remains of the Old Kingdom's lands. These remains were once kept locked up by the Gate Keeper Guardian, a great beast created by all 3 Order Members to protect and keep anyone, including themselves out of Excelsior. At the time of Ignatius's escape, it was killed, however, and now the lands of the dead are open to anyone brave enough to enter. Beware! Souls and spirits now wander freely here, unchained by their new ruler. Powers not of the spiritual sort will be diminished here, making anyone entering vulnerable.

    Ubel Gegand is the capital city of Excelsior, it is the heart of the underworld and the place every killed person of Kwandrivia finds themselves in after death. Here they are forced to explore the tainted and torn landscape of a world supposedly forgotten. Ubel Gegand is ruled by the Nein Morgenroete, an organization once ran by the last living Tartarian, Ignatius Light. After Ignatius's defeat, the Soulmarcher Mirg seized control and began restoring order to the chaos brought on by the Tartarian's tyranny. The city's orange-red flames of torment have been extinguished and replaced by blue-green spirit-flames, flickering and casting cool shadows on the once tortured souls, now free to roam the lands of Excelsior.

    Ruler: Mirg the Soulmarcher
    National Theme: Netherworld
    Aspects: Hollofication, Soul Weapons
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  • Andrius Sea
    Seperating the Murkwood Keys and Nchuleft is the Andrius Sea. It's crystal waters shine blue and reflect the sun giving the appearance of sapphire. If not for the over protective Andrius School of Mermaid residing in the Garrus Trench, these waters would be a massive tourist area.
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  • the Province of Keiz

    the Acadia District is the name given to the Region of land that is occupied by hundreds of former cities that amalgamated to form the Mega-City of Acadia or the Acadia District. The District is home to 25 different prefectures, and is both the capital and largest city of Laurentia. the Acadia District is the most populous metropolitan area on Kwandrivia boasting an astounding 351,434,607 citizens. It is the seat of Laurentia’s President and it’s government. the Acadia District it divided through the centre by the Destreds Sea, making it the perfect port city, hundreds of bridges run across the rivers connecting the two halves. the Core of the Acadia District has no height restrictions, this allowed the city’s core to rise up. Thousands of building dots the core along the Desteds Sea making one impressive skyline.

    White Shrew: Ezekiel
    City Style:
    Aspects: Studies of a Shrew
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  • Middlemurk
    A Sort of buffer zone between the Anneptii and the Shrews, these areas are unprotected by either side, but protected by something else.
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  • The Wild Isle

    Near the Southern tip of the Murkwood Keys, in the Brine mixed by the ocean tides and stagnant swamp waters, stands a spire of rock, large enough to contain a small network of caverns, yet small enough to blend with the natural treeline. It is on this Isle that the Anneptii have come to make their home. Having forged a truce between their brethren in the northern marshes, the Baron of the Anneptii has claimed a spot not too far from them, which as rumor has it, has become untamed...

    Baron: Azriel
    City Style:
    Aspects: Anneptii
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  • Yonohara

    While Yonohara is one nation, politically, culturally and financially it is two separate. Historically Yonohara began as one nation, but through technological advances, outside interference and civil war the nation was divided in two. Now Yonohara is separated by what the people call the Buffer Zone and within this buffer zone a joint Island was made. On this main Island is The Sunoisha Metropolis, the city where the seat of Yonohara's external foreign affairs take place and a place where citizens from either size of the buffer zone can freely go. Most citizens prefer to stay on their own island or in the Sunoisha Metropolis, this is both out of respect and honour and due to needing a special permit to cross the Hemuaeox Water Bridge from the South or take a ferry from the North. The Buffer Zone is a highly patrolled and military controlled area, crossing illegally can land a person a hefty fine and sometimes jail time.

    Southern Yonohara shares technology with Sunoisha, but other than that the two couldn't be any different. Yonohara South is divided into 5 Special Economic Zones each with a city at it's heart. None of the zones work against each other, rather each zone exports and imports goods from one another essentially making the entire South Yonohara a self sufficient region. Each Economic Zone is governed by a member from one of 5 highly influential families. Each of the families are familiar with one another and each meets every year to discuss future plans and issues that need to be addressed.

    North Yonohara is divided into 5 prefecture that each play a role in maintaining and supplying Nami City with resources and goods. Each region is loosely tied to an element but this has long since been done away with to differentiate the areas from the themes Yonohara South has. Yonohara North is a vastly different place than its southern counterpart. Where the south has sprawling urban cities the north has rural communities and cities made of massive pagoda-like complexes where people can live, shop and do their business. The people here live a more feudal life style and tend to stray away from luxuries like computers and technology and instead opt for books and public gatherings and temple and shrines. The entirety of Yonohara North is overseen by Lord Miles Seiler, who with an all seeing eye, makes sure with martial law, that crime or harm befalls a single citizen. Big brother is watching.

    Shogun Emperor: Miles Seiler
    Mafia Boss ???
    National Theme: Cyberpunk
    Aspects: Exorcist Weapons, Paths of Quadrivium, Shinsei
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  • Velikansha Enclave

    After the fall of the Outlands, millions fled from the reign of the Harry Regime, as they set sail on their ships the wind magically guided them to a new home. The Velikansha Enclave. This home was already inhabited by several species, most notably the docile Belyy Oni and the fox-like Kumiho.

    Velikansha is the most culturally diverse location on the globe. It is a an archipelago littered with small towns, bustling cities and one massive metropolis. It's economy is globally free, allowing anyone and everything to do business in any of the ports of Velikansha. The city is the a perfect place of opportunity, a land free from tax, government and laws. It's a land where no one currency reigns supreme. If you have power, the cunning, or the money, the things you can do in Velikansha are near endless. A light shines globally for those hoping to to head to the islands and start a new. But with every light, there is a shadow…

    Velikansha is a haven, a hotspot, the go to place smugglers, criminals, marauders, and mercenaries looking to amass a fortune or just make a quick buck. Perhaps they come here for seduction, or the lure of a life no other nation can provide them. The entire Archipelago holds untold riches if your cunning, brave or strong enough to grasp them from the iron grip of someone else.

    Lord: Kyunghu Choe
    City Style: Lawlessness
    Aspects: N/A
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  • Argorekstadt

    Argoreskstadt's history is brand new. The nation was founded only 1 year ago by Erik Miller after he purchased the land from Velikansha. The land he purchased was terraformed using the Gaia WarHammer and was reshaped and reformed to create Argorekstadt. Argorekstadt is two islands southwest of Velikansha that are controlled and run by the Devero. The Devero are Kwandrivia's newest species. Each Devero is brown from the seed of a Earth Native tree. These people crafted from nature, worked with Erik to forge a natural and environmentally peaceful nation. Every millimetre of the forest is protected and sacred and the Devero make is their goal to show people that when you use something from nature, you return something of equal value. The entire nation is sparsely populated with small tree top villages housing around 500 people here and there. Most people, almost all 4 million of them live inside the walls of Argomagala Castle.

    Argomagala is the capital city and largest city in all of Argorekstadt. The city is divided from the protected forests around it by 100 metre tall stone and wood walls. Inside the walls are the Devero populations and miniscule amount of other species, mainly High Elves and Wood Elves that choose to make this their new home.

    Prime Minister: Willow Whisp
    King: Erik Miller
    City Style: Nature
    Aspects: N/A
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  • Lefck Ocean
    Lefck Ocean is Kwandrivia's largest ocean, 98% of the surface in unexplored and what has been explored seems to be the only places mermaid feel safe in. To the far west is Wayward Island
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  • Wayward Island
    1200 Kilometres to the west of the Murkwood Keys is a small island almost triangular in shape. The island as of now is surrounded by the Gatten Veil, a massive barrier that prevent anything from getting inside or out. It is similar to the Great Barrier surrounding Excelsior suggesting that the Order made it. The only portion of the Island that inst covered by the Gatten Veil has a tower built upon it upon which another Barrier Guardian stands.
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  • Vaultress Prison
    All Abilities, Aspects and Weapons do not work within the Prison, This is a dead zone for power. Any attempts to do so will result in intervention from the Prison Guard.

    Welcome to the Vault, a place where Kwandrivia's worst are held captive and locked within. Those who enter the gate, rarely ever see the light of day. When you end up here, you've done something wrong. Inside these walls you will be locked here until the date specified. Good behaviour and deeds can ear your freedom.
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