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Acadia District (Laurentia Empire)


the Acadia District is the name given to the Region of land that is occupied by hundreds of former cities that amalgamated to form the Mega-City of Acadia or the Acadia District. The District is home to 25 different prefectures, and is both the capital and largest city of Laurentia. the Acadia District is the most populous metropolitan area on Kwandrivia boasting an astounding 351,434,607 citizens. It is the seat of Laurentia’s President and it’s government. the Acadia District it divided through the centre by the Destreds Sea, making it the perfect port city, hundreds of bridges run across the rivers connecting the two halves. the Core of the Acadia District has no height restrictions, this allowed the city’s core to rise up. Thousands of building dots the core along the Desteds Sea making one impressive skyline.

Governor: Johann Johnson
City Style: Modern Day
Aspects: Beseeching the Legion
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  • Empire District Building
    the Empire District Building at one point in the Acadia District’s history was the tallest building in all the Empire. It wasn't until building codes were lifted that it was dwarfed by the buildings around it. Luckily for the building, it was designated a heritage zone and all smaller building around it were purchased, torn down and the land converted into a small park. Since those times, the building lies in the shadows of those around it. The building is government run and houses the International Commission of Security and Intelligence.
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  • Chamber of the Holy Grail
    Close to the outskirts of the cities largest cluster of buildings at the core is a massive cathedral build onto the water. It is through these doors the Chamber of the Holy Grail can be found. Here any character who takes this aspect, can call forth a Guardian Spirit or Servant to aid them in battle.
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  • Condominius, Suburbs and Apartments.
    Outside of the city's core and industrial areas are places for people live. Communities, suburbs, condos and apartments. Purchase a home and live here.
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  • Commercial and Financial Areas
    Towering into the sky, penetrating the clouds is the Financial Block. Each tower is completely owned by individual companies each trying to build themselves higher than the ones beside them, thus the Financial Block is always growing upwards.
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  • R.A.T. Manor
    R.A.T. Manor is the home of Sergeant R.A.T. it is Located on the outskirts of town, just beyond the area where a massive wealthy suburb is located.
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