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Laurentia Empire Territory (Nchuleft)


The Laurentia Empire is known far and wide as the oldest of Kwandrivia's, Kwandrivia Era factions. The Laurentia Empire rose to great power after defeating many other nations using it's military's might during the Great Wars. At that time the Laurentia empire was known as the Holy Kingdom of Acadia, which was lead by King Decker Laurentia. King Decker at the time would use his power and might to form the Holy Laurentia Kingdom. Eventually and a few wars later the Laurentia Empire would be formed. The lands here are filled with hundreds of years of war and history, this history and it's people help drive the Empire forwards. Patriotism and Militarism power the lands.
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  • Serengheti Plains
    Long paths of raised stone and dirt, traversing highways and roadways are surrounded by thousands of acres of paddies, fields and crops as one travels through the Serengheti Plains. For hundreds of years the farmers in these areas have stuck to traditional ways of doing things, as such, fields are small, tractors and machinery are scarce and the wildlife flourishes,
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  • Oxford City
    Oxford City is a large fishing community on the western coast of the Laurentia Empire, Thousands of fishing operations dot the shores and it's people thrive off the money the fishing makes.
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  • Tallgrass Meadows
    Unless one counts the Halcyon Kingdom, this would be the Legion of Kwandrivia's nation park. Inside the park, there is massive patrols of soldiers and park officials. They are here to keep the national park safe and to keep pesky people from hurting the wildlife. Seems quite the opposite of the the usual Empire ways.
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  • Cliffs of Acadia
    dropping 500 meters towards the sea from the land above are the Cliffs of Acadia, These massive cliffs are one of the Empire's Military Training points.
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  • Kings Town
    Kings Town was once a place where the royal family of the Laurentia Empire used as their out of city home. Since then the president has made the Acadia District his/her home and no longer visits here. The town is now used as a tourist attraction.
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  • Golden Hills
    Fields of golden wheat and oats cover kilometers of landscape here, it almost looks like a desert if one doesn't look close enough,
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  • New Warfton
    What was formally a fishing town that thrived off the large Destreds Sfeghyou is now a major city thanks to the Empire Connecting Super Bridge.
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  • Morgenstall
    Needs a battleship or submarine, this is the place to go. The town thrives off it's many military contracts as well as the Logging Industry. Battleships, submarines and boats can be purchased here.
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  • Britannica Jungle
    The southernmost portion of Laurentia Empire is a every shrinking jungle, one of the only jungles on Kwandrivia. As one of the only Jungle's the Order has taken action to preserve it, thus they created the Omega Class Leona, a Female Warrior created in Thundarius' image. Within the jungle is the Walled City Morgenstall.
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  • Laurentia Militarized Zone
    Built all along the border of Excelsior and Laurentia is the worlds longest and tallest wall. The wall is the most militarized area on all of Kwandrivia.
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  • Ignatius Canyon
    A 600 or so Kilomter long and 50 kilometre wide Canyon was carved through the landscape when Ignatius freed himself from the confines of Excelsior. What lies here now is a canyon slowly filling with water, it's side glassed black with melted sand and stone.
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