As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

Helmanian Territory

New World territory belonging to the Helm Islands.
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  • Arlheinz Jungle
    The Arlheinz Jungle is home to the vicious Arlheinz, a type of beast that feeds on human/elven flesh. The roads are always patrolled by the military, and cities are all but scarce within the jungles.
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  • Grendelle Flatlands
    the Grendell Flatlands are a fertile nutrient-rich landscape perfect for crops and farmlands. Because of this, it quickly became that. Farmland and Fields litter the area.
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  • Stenheld Forest
    Like the Chromiumbark Coppice of the Helm Islands, Grendelle Island has it's own Iron Forest. This is called the Stenheld Forest. The trees here, are hundreds of meters tall, towering into the sky. The wildlife here reflects the metal trees, and thus is tough as the metal they lurk around.
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