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Territory of the Anneptii


Ever since the Anneptii settled down, nature within a mile of their spire has become unsettled. Plant and animal life alike have taken on twisted, unnatural characteristics, making the area all the more dangerous. The area has become a danger zone for any of the natives and if the wildlife wasn't enough, the Anneptii themselves have become curious enough to venture out into the area, raising the risk to any passerbyer to become, if nothing else...a meal...
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  • The Bone Yard
    A ancient and natural graveyard that stretches across the western boarder of the Murkwood Keys. Bones of every shape and size can be found here, some in entire skeletons of huge behemoths that once roamed the land, and others scattered about seemingly at random. The bones are not the most troubling ordeal, nor is the stench, but rather the Carrion Vultures and other scavengers which thrive on the decay. Inexplicably, some power has been given to these creatures through the carrion they feed upon, which has given them a hunger...a hunger that will not be denied...
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  • Whirlpool Crossings
    At almost dead center in the Murkwood Keys sits a crossing of three main water channels which bring, although very slowly, some movement over water through the marshes. The movement of these waterways coincides with a massive whirlpool, which sits in the crossings, its currents drawing the water in to drink of the salty brine from the edges of the Keys. The Whirlpool's currents seem to right and fall randomly and few once caught are able to free themselves from its grip. All caught in such currents and pulled into her maw and swallowed down into The Pit.
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  • Jutted Lake
    500 meters below sea level, with waterfalls cascading into it from all directions is the Jutted Lake. Down here lie some of the most vicious of lake creatures, ones only the Annepti could ever get along with.
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