They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

White Cliff Beaches


The White Beaches is the area given to the area of Federation City where the city originally started. At the time Federation City was originally called White Cliff City because of the white marble cliff that could be found in the area. As such an old part of the city, the shoreline is mainly filled with older towers and buildings, many of which have been repurposed and converted into condominiums and apartment complexes. This is perhaps the best place in the Dominion Federation to live. This is in no part thanks to the massive white sand beaches and the hundreds of small parks and shops.
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