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Destreds Sea


A sea of teal and deep blues, there are many mysteries to these waters, but overall they are calm and peaceful.
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  • Abyssal Whirlpools
    Deep in the water is a large void of space that is always drawing water towards it. This has caused a massive whirlpool to form above it. Things that get pulled in are never found, ever.
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  • Connecting Empire Super Bridge
    "A Bridge to Unite the People" The Connecting Empire Super Bridge is the largest bridge on Kwandrivia, it connects the Laurentia Empire to the New Laurentia Empire. The bridge is built from metals capable of withstanding the tremendous winds and weather generated by the Destreds Sea. The CESB is 20 lanes wide which allows traffic to smoothly flow from city to city. The bridge also has 4 train lines that run below the road deck.
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  • Arcantis
    At the depths of the Destreds Seas there is the remains of an old city. After a great flooding of the land the city became home to Mermaids. Arcantis while not the most populated Mermaid City, is the most diverse, and is a city where all Schools of Mermaid can live.
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  • Bolt's Lighting
    In the northern waters of the Destreds Sea there is an island completely made of iron. It is here that an eternal thunderstorm floats above the island constantly bombarding it with lighting bolts.
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  • Acadia Island
    Acadia Island is the President of the Laurentia Empire's personal place of relaxation.
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  • Cathedral of the Depths
    Long ago, there was a massive Cathedral situated high atop a hill. One day it sunk into the ground never to be found. After that it rose up and became a home to the Destreds School Mermaid.
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