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Dominion Federation's Foundation Space Colony

Lagrange 3 of Kwandrivia is home the Dominion Federations first Space Colony, aptly named, Federation Colony. Federation Colony is large cylindrical rotating space habitat 8 km in diametre and 32 km long that is located in Kwandrivia's Lagrange 3. The Colony has six equal-area stripes that run the length of the cylinder; three are transparent windows, three are habitable "land" surfaces. Furthermore, an outer agricultural ring, 16 km in radius, rotates at a different speed to support farming. The habitat's industrial manufacturing block is located in the middle, to allow for minimized gravity for some manufacturing processes. Along each of the habitable land strips are artificial lands built to mimic Kwandrivia. Thick forest's of maple trees, towering pine trees, lush farmers fields and many more Kwandrivia-like environments can be found here. Sunlight is directed into the colony using massive wing-like mirrors. These mirrors are closed when the colony is moving or it is under attack.
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