They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Pyramid of Keiz

To the southeast of the Pyramids of Keiz lies the ruins of old. Stone, and what is left lie as a memory of the Keiz that was before it's revival to the northwest. Dangerous things now lurk here, roaming what used to be halls and what used to be alive, but silent.
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  • In the Northern side of the Pyramid stands the White Office and the Office of War and Peace. While the first is occupied by the current White Shrew, the second is occupied by its current governing Guardian, and is where the White Shrew and guardians meet to discuss threats, or other issues.
    White Shrew: Ezekiel
    Overseeing Guardian: None
  • In the Eastern of the Pyramid stands the Regeneration Office and the The Enshrined Sepulcher. The Regeneration Office functions as a hospital and the Enshrined Sepulcher meanwhile, is the Spiritual Shrine of Keiz. It is a place to meditate and to pay reverence to those who have gone before. No outsiders allowed, this is a Hallowed place.
    Regeneration Office:: Overseeing Guardian: Kama Falx Kento
    Enshrined Sepulcher:: Overseeing Guardian: none
  • The Southern most part of the Pyramid is dedicated to two distinct rooms: The Library and the Forgery. The Library, although long lost of its vast sum of knowledge, stands now nearly empty, only gaining any contents from what the Shrews themselves bring from the outside back in. The Forgery stands as a place for Shrews to build or create artifacts and other weapons.
    The Forgery:: Overseeing Guardian: Revil
  • The entire West part of the Pyramid is dedicated to an apartment complex for the Shrews who call this place home. Each room, though humble, serves as a unique place for each occupant it holds, a place each Shrew can call home.
  • Deep in the pyramid lies the Knowledge Badge. The Pyramids tunnels are full of puzzles that will put you MIND to the test.
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