They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Death City (Coliginosity)


Death City was originally developed as a new utopian capital for the people of the polluted and corrupt New Acadia District. But like most human settlements the new utopia quickly became corrupt, even further than the New Acadia District. Eventually the city was taken control of by dark forces and turned into a twisted and horrid image of it's former self. Now Death City is a city where the physically and mentally strong acquire power through any means, regardless of the consequences to their fellow citizens. The people of Death City stand behind the principle that "only the strongest will survive", and regard any sign of weakness as disgrace towards their ideals. Death City still has it's own laws to help protect the citizenry from harm. In Death City those with power are protected by the law more than those without it. Thanks to the dark mages who 'liberated' Death City, the people under them have come to despise the New Acadia District. If not for the strict rules of the Order, Death City would more than likely try to cast their dark shadow over the lands of Kwandrivia. Death City is a city that uses magi-tech, using this magi-tech they are able to keep thier freedom, while at the same time ensuring themselves a future.

Overseer: Nexi
City Style: Dark and Twisted Fantasy
Aspects: Death Guardian, Demon Summoning
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  • Rising well above the rest of Death City is the great Aranathia Palace. This was originally a palace built to be the military headquarters for the Empire's new city. After the Dark Mages took the area over it was quickly transmutated from a military headquarters to the Aranathia Palace. The core of Death City and it's power is here and one can come here to find the Overseer.
  • Come here to challenge the mysterious and DARK gym leader for a Shadow Badge.
  • A massive factory resides somewhere in the cities outskirts along the riverside. Here is produces almost all of the country's Mag-Tek.
  • This place used to house mad criminals and the insane, that was until the dark mages took control and used those criminals as sacrifices to call forth demons from Ubel Gegand. If person so desires, they can come here to request their very own demon.
  • Almost all of Death City is made up of the High Estates. These are the homes where the people of the city live.
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