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Ruins of the Zabnjarsi Empire

Lining the Empire Canyon are hundreds of ancient pyramids and ruins, among the largest of these clusters are the ruins of the Zabnjarsi Empire. These ruins are highly preserved and highly guarded, not by the Laurentia Empire, but by those who continue to live and fight for their lost empire. Most of the empire has been lost to the sands, a sand that is unforgiving and easy to get lost in.
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  • Ancient Pyramids
    Adjacent to the Solaris Necropolis are Kwandrivia's tallest pyramids. They are known to all the people as Ancient Pyramids, however their true name is the Nosuris Necropolis. 5 Rules of Nabnjarsi are buried here, each in pyramids larger than the last. Each Pyramid is said to be guarded by the spirits of each Pharoah/Sliverclaw themselves, however each spirit is bound to the pyramid. Thutmos, Ramsess, Neferite, Kunziet and Menass.
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  • Solaris Necropolis
    Dwelling place of Kasane "Aton" Reiya. Built deep in the Desert of Shifting Balance, a pyramid structure jutting from the very sands, the internal structure stretching far below the surface. Inside is fill with dim passageways and markings of Egyptian lore. Hieroglyphs coat nearly every surface, often glowing blue or gold, a touch a magic no doubt filling this place. Beware those who enter uninvited....danger lurks in every corner..
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