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Village of Hidden Xyz

The Xyz people forbid outsides to enter. Attempting to enter can result in death or prolonged captivity.

The Village of Hidden Xyz is the home to the last of the Xyz's 9 Clans. Each clan is affiliated with a single element, and each element represents the clan. After the Laurentia Empire conquered the original Xyz Dynasty, the Xyz were thought o have been wiped out. It was until recently that the Xyz let thier psychic barrier down and made themselves public to the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations. Every 4 years the Xyz hold a clan tournament to determine who will become the next Dynasy of the Xyz people. The Xyz culture is very Oriental, their architecture, region and ways represent that. Their Village is among the strongest, but their honour forbids them from waging war. Because of thier small population and thier unique power, each Xyz gain's tremendous power, the average one can reach 6th rank, while the higher skilled and trained reach 3rd rank. The Xyz forbid outsides from entering as they feear and know that only people possessing their Clan's power can mate and produce power imbued offspring.
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