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Dominion Territory


The Dominion Territory makes up only a small portion of Ghilandus Moon. The Dominion Territory originally began as a small military outpost build so the Dominion had some control over the moon. Dominion City and it's people eventually eventually began expanding outwards, but as the city grew, the Dominion's need for land did as well. After many talks with the Titaus Giants. Land was eventually traded for technology, resources and other valuables. Because of these trades, the Dominion Federation and the Titaus Giants are in a minor Alliance.
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  • Fredgs Trenches
    Extending for miles upon miles on the livable terrain of Ghilandus is the Fredgs Trenches, These trenches are hundreds of meters deep but only a few meters wide. Perfect for flying through at high speeds. A lot of Dominion City mining operations can be found along the way. Massive snake-like creatures can be felt rumbling through the old mines on occasion.
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  • Dominion City
    Dominion City is the Dominion Federation's Ghilandus Moon's only city. With a population of 2,900,00, it is a city with size and population, it rivals even that of some of Kwandrivia's capitals. Most of the city is built on the shore of the oceans and some craters. The city is a green city, who with the help of the Halcyon Kingdom have come to be one with nature, but still one with technology and advancement. Each large crater is home to one of the many stolen transformation machines that were scattered in the area to help seed Ghilandus with life.
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