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  • Acadia District (Nchuleft)

    the Acadia District is the name given to the Region of land that is occupied by hundreds of former cities that amalgamated to form the Mega-City of Acadia or the Acadia District. The District is home to 25 different prefectures, and is both the capital and largest city of Laurentia. the Acadia District is the most populous metropolitan area on Kwandrivia boasting an astounding 351,434,607 citizens. It is the seat of Laurentia’s President and it’s government. the Acadia District it divided through the centre by the Destreds Sea, making it the perfect port city, hundreds of bridges run across the rivers connecting the two halves. Acadia South is the oldest region of the two halves, because of this most of the downtown cores building are Heritage Zones, as a result of this, the city has no distinct downtown skyline. Most of the tallest buildings in the Shoreline Core only reach to around 300 meters. The city was designed this way as to not shadow the older heritage buildings. History plays a vital role in the Acadia District. Old forts, castle and buildings can be found all throughout the core of the city.

    Governor: Johann Johnson
    City Style: Modern Day
    Aspects: Beseeching the Legion
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  • Laurentia Empire Territory (Nchuleft)

    The Laurentia Empire is known far and wide as the oldest of Kwandrivia's, Kwandrivia Era factions. The Laurentia Empire rose to great power after defeating many other nations using it's military's might during the Great Wars. At that time the Laurentia empire was known as the Holy Kingdom of Acadia, which was lead by King Decker Laurentia. King Decker at the time would use his power and might to form the Holy Laurentia Kingdom. Eventually and a few wars later the Laurentia Empire would be formed. The lands here are filled with hundreds of years of war and history, this history and it's people help drive the Empire forwards. Patriotism and Militarism power the lands.
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  • Ubel Gegand
    This is the land of the dead, main roleplay for deceased characters. Enter at your own risk...

    Ubel Gegand is the capital city of Excelsior, it is the heart of the underworld and the place every killed person of Kwandrivia finds themselves in after death. Here they are forced to explore the tainted and torn landscape of a world supposedly forgotten. Ubel Gegand is ruled by the Nein Morgenroete, an organization once ran by the last living Tartarian, Ignatius Light. After Ignatius's defeat, the Soulmarcher Mirg seized control and began restoring order to the chaos brought on by the Tartarian's tyranny. The city's orange-red flames of torment have been extinguished and replaced by blue-green spirit-flames, flickering and casting cool shadows on the once tortured souls, now free to roam the lands of Excelsior.

    Ruler: Mirg the Soulmarcher
    City Style: Netherworld
    Aspects: Hollofication, Soul Possesion
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  • Excelsior
    This is the land of the dead, main roleplay for deceased characters. Enter at your own risk...

    Excelsior is all that remains of the Old Kingdom's lands. These remains were once kept locked up by the Gate Keeper Guardian, a great beast created by all 3 Order Members to protect and keep anyone, including themselves out of Excelsior. At the time of Ignatius's escape, it was killed, however, and now the lands of the dead are open to anyone brave enough to enter. Beware! Souls and spirits now wander freely here, unchained by their new ruler. Powers not of the spiritual sort will be diminished here, making anyone entering vulnerable.
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