I have Rebuilt the Kwandrivia Roleplay World, there are new national banner and a simplified layout that is easier to use and has less subforums. I have also skipped the Civil War Idea I had and just made the new layout with that in mind.

The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

Connecting Empire Super Bridge

"A Bridge to Unite the People" The Connecting Empire Super Bridge is the largest bridge on Kwandrivia, it connects the United States of Laurentia to the Anglia Empire. The bridge is built from metals capable of withstanding the tremendous winds and weather generated by the Destreds Sea. The CESB is 20 lanes wide which allows traffic to smoothly flow from city to city. The bridge also has 4 train lines that run below the road deck. The bridge was originally a runaway project that cost the previous Laurentia Empire almost 1 Trillion Dollars to built, it went over budget 87 times and cost the lives of almost 200 people. It is now primarily used to serve the Order's Zephyr Island in the Destreds sea as Laurentia and Anglia are currently in a cold war.
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