They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Outland Island Territory

These is a lawless territory. Enter at your own risk.
As a result of their quick expansion many of the Laurentia Empire's outer territories were left without much military force. This allowed the strongest gangs and outlaws residing in these areas to take control and form their own towns. Like the Coliginosity, a new faction was formed, this one under the name of the Outland Island. In the Outland Island and it's pirate ridden towns only the strongest, most ruthless and fearless outlaws dare walk the streets and roads, day or night. Most of the land is either a forest, an overgrown thicket, or some sort of twisted meadow patrolled by someone. Patrolling these roads like clockwork are the strongest warriors, gangs, outlaws or pirates. All of who have no care for the law and will murder anyone they see fit. This means the Outland Island is a lawless faction where, booze, violence and pillaging are the ways of life.
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  • To the west of Port Fortune is a large bay that helps divide Port Fortune from the Ocean. Because Port Fortune is the main city in these parts, the bay is littered with traps, other ships, bodies and wreckage. One must posses charting maps of the bay before leaving or coming in here else they or their vessel might wind up as part of the landscape.
  • Twisted Meadows, it's a name that describes itself in every way. Oh, but not in the way you think, here lives the Twisted Slayer Clan. These inbred family members all relentlessly kill anyone who dares to intrude upon their meadows. While they may be dimwitted and lack intelligence, they make up for it in raw strength and power.
  • Rich, check, strong, check, famous, check, if you meet the requirements the gates open to you. The Laurentia Empire controls this town, unofficially. This means there is law and order here.
  • North of Port Fotrune there lies a large graveyard filled with the graves of the many souls that used to live in Port Fortune before the pirates took over. After the pirates took over the graveyard fell into disuse and all the gravestones became unreadable. It remained this way until the GraveKeeper moved in and began cleaning the area up. Now she and her wandering Poe watch over the area, making sure no one vandalizes anything.
  • The wayward walkway is an extremely long road that runs from the Port Fortune to the Coliginosity. It is probably the safest place to be in the Outlands, but is still not free of people trying to dismember you or loot you of everything you have.
  • Surrounding Fort Hagen on all sides is the Splintering Woods. It was called this because cannonballs from Fort Hagen would hit trees causing pieces of wood to splinter off impaling and injuring nearby soldiers. The name since then has stuck and no one has bothered to rename it. Nothing is too special about these woods, but caution is to be taken when entering, like anywhere in the Outlands.
  • Resting atop a hill surrounded by a large forest is the old Fort Hagen. Fort Hagen sits on the northmost tip of the Outlands and is used to protect the northern coast in the area. While the Fort still stands as proud as it used to, it no longer has soldiers occupying it. Rather, one can find ruthless pirate gangs and thieves. If you think you have what it takes to take it over, then go ahead and try.
  • Need A Lee is the name given to a giant hole in the ground, this hole seems to drop dorm as far as the eye can see. No one has ever been down there, and no one really wants to find out what lives down there. The entire hole does stink of methane and the air around it seems to be methane filled as well making breathing here not possible without a life support system. All the plant life around Need A Lee seems to have adapted to the methane and is now like the hole spit the stuff out. It seems that the area is being terraformed by what ever is deep inside that hole.
  • As the name suggest, this is a haven for smugglers. As it is a haven for smugglers, its a place few go, or leave.
  • Named after the late Grandier Fortune, this forest one of the more safe places of the Outlands. There isn't much here that can hurt a person, but they should take caution anyways.
  • Almost in the centre of Grandier Bay there is a large statue of Grandier, the pirate king who once controlled the entire Grandier Bay.
  • The furthest south portions of the Destreds Sea is known as the Grandier Bay. The bay is named after Grandier Fortune. It got it's name because Grandier once controlled the entire sea, sinking any ships that came his way single highhandedly. Ever since his death at the hands of the Empire, the bay has returned to peace. A statue of Grandier sits on a small island.
  • If one wants to enter Port Fortune by boat from the south, they must first pass through the Rearing Inlet, this however isn't recommended as pirates, raiders and thugs wait with their own ships, hoping to attack unlucky folks.
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