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Port Fortune

These is a lawless town. Enter at your own risk.

At almost dead centre of the Outland Island sits a town that was once a thriving seaport for the people of the Laurentia Empire. But like the other parts of Kwandrivia, Port Fortune soon broke off connections with the Laurentia Empire eventually becoming it's own city. After it became it's own town, bandits, thugs and criminals quickly flooded into the city and took control of it's streets. Port Fortune is now controlled by what ever pirate crew or gang thinks they have what it takes to overthrow the one that currently rules it regardless of the Order still maintaining control of the town. It is home to many gambling areas, taverns, fighting rings, illegal trade markets and a shipyard.

Pirate King: Ariel Fortune
City Style: Age of Revolution, Pirates
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  • Catherdral of the Depths
    Built atop a large hill overlooking the entire port is a large cathedral. This cathedral is the headquarters of the Pirate King or Queen and the governmental house that overlooks the Outlands.
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  • Whispering Rabbit
    In the middle of the town overlooking the graveyard there sits a tavern that only the rugged and ruthless dare go into, it is known as the Whispering Rabbit. Here one can enjoy the refreshments of a pirate, from the Laurentian Empire's Frothy Lager to Coliginosity's Dark Mix, anything to suit your needs really.
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  • Bloodstained Warfs
    The Bloodstained Warf is Port Fortune's waterfront harbour and docks. Exports from all around are brought in here either by trade, stealing or by smuggling. From there they are sent all through the city by carriage. Most however end up in the Dockyard Market where people can buy them, stealing from the market never got anyone anywhere but the gallows anyways.
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  • Shambles
    The homes that make up the residential ares of Port Fortune are known as the Shambles.
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  • Outland Pokemon Gym
    Get yerrr washed up lilly lickin' arrrse off the SEA, we've a battle to be doing. Buccaneer Badge.
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  • Walled Prison
    Port Fortune has always been known to be gritty and dirty, and this section of the city reflects just that. A massive wall guarded by elite assassins and pirates lies deep inside an old open pit mine, Conditions here are rough, and are made rougher by the fact most people that arrive here are treated like a prison workforce. The law enforcement of Port Fortune never come here, and when they do, it's only to do shady dealings with one the two ruling mercenary gangs that run the place. Many who are born here, never see the city outside the walls.
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  • Fort Fortune
    Sitting atop Port Fortunes highest hill is a massive fortress that was used before the pirates came, as one knows it failed quickly and fell into a state of disrepair for many years. Eventually, the Fortune Family took control and turned it into a glorious fort that made the original look like twigs and rope. Inside this might fort lies the treasures and goods of port fortune, it is personally guarded by Ariel Fortune and those who enter, usually come out as one of her zombies.
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