USe the link from now on, the old one directs to errors and has issues, this is the new one.

You can now link your characters account to your main one. Use the drop down menu in the top right corner then go to profile, from there edit your profile, then go to Linked Accounts. Then begin adding from there. The dropdown menu in the top right is where you can find your linked accounts.

Marian Mines

What was once the largest mine in Kwandrivia is now a 200 kilometer deep cave system that is home to millions of wildlife. The deeper a traveler goes inside the Marian Mines the more dangers they will find. It is said there are dangers that people can not imagine in the deepest depths of the Marian Mines. It's been hundreds of years since light or human eyes have seen the bottom or the Marian Mines. When the Marian Mines were constructed there was only a small path connecting the mines to the Laurentia Empire. But as the Marian Mines quickly grew, the pass quickly grew and eventually a mining town formed in the wide open area outside of the mine's entrance. Eventually the mine ran dry and when it ran dry the town ran dry and it's people left. All the Marian Mine Pass is used for now is a training ground for warriors.
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