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You can now link your characters account to your main one. Use the drop down menu in the top right corner then go to profile, from there edit your profile, then go to Linked Accounts. Then begin adding from there. The dropdown menu in the top right is where you can find your linked accounts.

Uldreiyn Hills

the Uldreiyn Hills is an area of land east of Zenthel City, that has tall hills that are too low to be considered mountains, but too tall to be part of the Halcyon Shield. But it's not just that that makes this area unique. The entire area that makes up the Hills, is devoid of trees. In the place of the trees are golden flowers that flow across the hills making it appear as though this area is a massive desert.
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  • Temple of the Stars
    Rising 5 kilometres into the sky is a massive wood and stone pillar, so tall that it's tip can not be seen with the naked eye. At the tip of this pillar resides a temple of monks who worship and devote their life to the stars. The only way to reach this point is either by flight, or a long climb up the tower.
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