Halloween has befallen Kwandrivia! A shadowy curve now flows across every country. SKELETONS! SKELETONS EVERYWHERE! They rise from the ground, warriors of the past to take back what is rightfully theirs.

So begins the Skeleton Wars!

Everyweek, until Halloween, 2 army of Skeletons will rise in random areas of Kwandrivia, it is up to anyone 4th Rank and below to fight and battle their way through the endless hordes. On Halloween, the Skeleton King will rise up to fight, defeat him for 250 Gold, and the chance to learn the location of 1 Rare Artifact. Anyone 3rd Rank and Higher can not affect the Skeletons, and the Skeletons can not affect them, skeletons can not harm the environment. Skeletons all adapt to the rank of the person they are fighting. Each skeleton will always drop 1 Gold. Some will drop items that can be sold or kept.
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